Wildlife Photography Courses

An elk walks out of the forest and into a lush snowdrift. An eagle slices through a vivid blue sky, its wings cresting on a soft wind. These statements conjure up beautiful pictures in your mind's eye.

Wildlife photography courses help students capture beautiful photographs in wildlife. The key to finding the right courses for you lies in browsing what is out there.

Of course, this information is right within your grasp. All you have to do is reach out.

Wildlife photography courses are available in just about any photography school in the United States and around the world. The United Kingdom has a good number of these courses. Many universities offer courses in wildlife photography online.

Online Photography Courses also available!

BetterPhoto.com offers a four week long course where he teaches you techniques on taking wildlife photography.

The course is taught by expert wildlife photographer, Jim Zuckerman.

The nice thing about this course is that you can work on it anytime of the day, even during the early morning hours. Because of the internet broad availability, online photography courses cover many aspects of photography.

Many online courses focus on finding great scenes to photograph and how to get up close to animals. Such courses also help you avoid injuries on the job. Many online courses allow you to submit photos you've already taken as assignments. This saves you time and helps you get more out of your education.

Wildlife photographer with tele Wildlife photographer with tele

Many courses in countries other than the USA

Many wildlife photography courses are taught in countries other than the United States. This is because other nations are home to wild animals that do not live in the Northwestern hemisphere.

The Blackthorne School of Photography in Cricklade, Wiltshire, UK, offers courses in black and white photography, which is taught in a specially-lit classroom.

These are great for helping see photos under different kinds of lighting. According to the International School of Wildlife Filmmaking, the photography of nature and animals has become increasingly important today.

Courses offered at the school allow you to work in parks, such as the Animal Ark and Country Park, located in the heart of England, the school gives you real-world experience in wildlife photography!

It can help you become a wildlife filmmaker. You will also learn how to sell your photos to different media venues.

At this school and various others, you can take weekend courses, many of which include photography techniques and work with equipment you will most likely use in your career as a photographer.

Photography schools in England offer wildlife photography courses that focus on

  • shutter speed control

  • how to take a good picture

  • and how to create a blurred background in your photos

Photography schools in England are also available online. Of course, England is not the only country offering courses on wildlife photography...

What about a photography course in India?

Courses on wildlife photography offered in India are great for someone who aspires to take pictures of animals. Taking such courses opens you up to careers with advertising agencies, news broadcasts, newspapers and magazines.

Wildlife photography courses can be found in various India cities, including the

  • Academy of Photography

  • Rabindra Bharati University

  • Kola and MCRC

  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Indeed, wildlife photography is one of the most enjoyable forms of photography, even though it can be difficult at times.

Challenges present themselves at every turn! This is why it is beneficial to take courses in this area.

Not all colleges offer wildlife photography courses, however. Many organizations offer weekend workshops in wildlife photography. Such workshops teach you how to improve your ability to take photos in a natural environment. Many of these workshops focus on composition, lighting and exposure.

If you find yourself looking for one of these courses, you may want to turn to photography organizations, as many of them offer better courses than those that are available at colleges.

Instruction with these organizations is generally more specialized. Such workshops are usually small, with only a few people attending at a time.

Perfect Picture School of Photography

The Perfect Picture School of Photography offers a course in wildlife photography. Called Wildlife Photography 101, this course focuses on taking photographs of birds as well as reptiles and animals that are common in nature.

Flying duck Flying duck

If you're looking for wildlife photography courses, it's nice to know that there are many at your fingertips. All you have to do is point and click to find the right courses.