Westwood College

Westwood College is part of the Alta College, Inc. system established in 1953 in Denver, Colorado. In fact, there are now 17 Westwood campuses in the United States (in six states).

As the Web site information states,

"Westwood offers a unique, hands-on learning experience designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and credentials needed to launch, enhance, or change careers."

The best part about this school and many others around the world is, in a word, technology. Students don't have to travel to one of the campuses to get all the benefits of a college education. With several locations you can, of course.

Many of us have family and job commitments that keep us from attending classes in a formal college setting.

But that shouldn't stop us from getting the education we want and need!


Westwood College offers an attractive online program that requires a computer and a connection to the Internet - and the desire to work toward an online college degree!

Some of the benefits of Westwood's online program are very similar to benefits students get when attending "live" classes:

  • Free tutoring

  • Computer support

  • Career services center

  • Associate degrees

  • Bachelor degrees

  • Day classes, night classes

  • Group discussions

  • Programs and Degrees

Key features at Westwood

Variety and flexibility are key features at Westwood College. As mentioned earlier, there are 17 campuses in six states, as well as a complete online program. Support staff members are available to help new students from the enrollment process through tutoring and meeting graduation requirements.

It doesn't stop there, because college staff members will also help you when it's time to go out into the real world. In fact, the college offers "tuition-free alumni retraining courses" too.

Let's look at an example of courses and programs available through Westwood College.


Be sure to do a little homework so you know that the courses you want are offered online or at a campus near you.

The associate degree in graphic design and multimedia will prepare you for many positions in a growing industry. Instructors focus on both general education courses and technical skills that are required.

It's all available online too, so you can work toward the associate degree from home then seek employment in advertising, as a Web designer or in a related field.

Under the graphic design and multimedia banner you will find course material for audio/video instruction, digital layout skills, design fundamentals, digital illustration, Web design and print production techniques.

The majority of the program is devoted to core courses, with about 25 percent devoted to general education.

The program prepares students to achieve certifications for:

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Illustrator

  • Dreamweaver

  • and Photoshop as well

Other interesting choices (like a bachelors degree)...

Of course, you can also work toward a bachelor degree in visual communications. This program offers

"a combination of design theory, web design, imaging, print design and multimedia courses. Plus, your general education courses will help you apply skills in critical thinking, logic, communications and problem solving"

The visual communications department offers programs in:

  • Animation

  • Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting

  • Game Art

  • Graphic Design & Multimedia

  • Interior Design

  • Visual Communications

  • Web Design & Multimedia

How many years to get a bachelor/associate degree?

A bachelor-level degree in select programs is just three years away.
Associate degrees can be achieved in two years.

Online students are asked to participate in an:

"online orientation session to introduce them to Westwood and a variety of virtual tools and resources. Once a course begins, each student interacts with classmates and the faculty at his or her convenience."

Students receive a carefully prepared course syllabus whether they attend classes on campus or online. Online programs require students to "attend" classes by logging on "several times a week."

Students are strongly encouraged to meet deadlines for assignments and to participate in group discussions, in order to get the most from the online experience.

For example, students are asked to participate in discussion forums and threads regularly, posing a comment or contribution by mid-week. Campus and online courses include portfolio and research assignments, with examinations conducted through online technology.

Degree programs are offered in design, technology, business, justice and healthcare. Westwood College does offer a number of Master's level degrees as well, including a Master of Business Administration (available online).

For many students around the world, Westwood College may be a good place to start.

Contact Details

Westwood College
Phone: 800-281-2978
Website: westwood.edu