Weekend Photography Courses

We live in a world where people are strapped for time. Packed schedules keep many from pursuing a traditional education, and the economy is not helping matters. Everywhere you turn, people are doing more than they can during the week.

For those interested in photography, taking weekend photography courses is their only option. Of course, finding these courses is a must for the bogged-down professional or student.

  • So how exactly do you find weekend photography courses that are right for you and your schedule?

  • Where can you find them?

  • And perhaps most importantly, what do they have to offer?

Actually, finding photography courses on the weekend is not difficult. In fact, many are available, due to growing demands on people's time. Many online colleges, such as the Academy of Art Online offer weekend courses.

Nigel Wilson, a UK-based photography expert, also offers weekend photography workshops. Taking an inspirational approach to photography, Wilson works to help you improve your photography skills, meanwhile learning about SLR cameras.

His course is great for those who have worked with traditional point and click cameras.

Nature photographer Nature photographer

Wilson's weekend workshops are held several weekends each month. Those who have taken his workshops are quite pleased. One former student described the workshop as "incredible."

Students also report that they learned how to efficiently use cameras. Many walked into the workshop with absolutely no idea of how to use a camera. Now they are proficient photographers.

Of course, these are not the only places where you can take photography courses on the weekend. Other countries around the world are taking advantage of weekends for photography classes.

Andy Piggott of Sydney, Australia offers weekend courses in photography. Piggott offers many different courses, including beginner photography courses. Beginner photography classes focus on how to use a digital camera to take photos that go beyond the traditional.

Light exposure, white balance for natural color, and controlling field depth are the focus of many weekend classes. These skills can be applied to just about any type of photography, so this is a great option for the people of Sydney.

Singapore offers great photography courses

Asia is no stranger to weekend photography classes. In fact, Singapore offers weekend courses on a variety of topics related to photography. Called the Singapore Photography Course, this school covers a variety of photography-related courses on the weekend, all of which focus on different levels of photography.

Many courses offered by the school span over several weekends and cover different photography topics each week. Field depth, focal length, and shutter speed.

Singapure skyline -- Weekend photography courses --
Singapore skyline

If you find yourself looking into international photography courses, be sure to note time differences, and also make travel arrangements if you plan to travel abroad.

Great weekend and day courses at "The Art League"

Many online schools have devoted themselves to weekend photography classes. Take The Art League, for example. Based out of Alexandria, Virginia, very close to the U.S. nation's capital, The Art League offers weekend and day courses in photography, for both the professional and beginning photographer.

Courses featuring speakers from the White House offer a great opportunity for those interested in photography to get involved in political figures and their impact on modern society.

Langara College in Canada

Then, there's Langara College. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the school offers weekend workshops in photography. Many of them focus macro photography and intermediate photography.

These courses vary, of course, but they are a great opportunity for photography students or simply for interested individuals. For more information, visit Langara courses.

You can take weekend classes in photography in just about any city across the United States. Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and Boston, Massachusetts all hold weekend photography classes throughout the year.

Many of these courses partner with local organizations, such as Newtonville Camera in Boston and Samy's Camera in Los Angeles. Many weekend photography classes focus on special areas of photography, such as landscape and glamour photography.

The nice thing about these is that they are held in areas where that area of photography is popular.

Finding your niche in photography education can at times be tough. Someone always needs you, so it can be difficult to find time for yourself during an already-packed work week. Family demands and careers can make it difficult as well.

However, you can find what you're looking for, if you check out the right places.

And don't forget: Weekend photography courses could become your starting point for an even brighter career :-)