Wedding Photography Ideas and Tips For the Beginner Photographer

There are very few moments in life that are more important than a person's wedding, and it is an occasion that needs to be captured on film for future memories, so it is important to have all kinds of wedding photography ideas to help preserve those memories.

If you are considering photography as a career, you should seriously consider wedding photography. Yes, there are usually all kinds of wedding guests taking photos at the event, but theirs will not have the quality that only a professional wedding photographer can bring.

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One of the great things about wedding photography is that if you are good, there will always be work available for you.


As a wedding photographer you will ALWAYS have work!

If you are really serious about getting into wedding photography, or any type of photography, it is a good idea to take some classes, especially if you have little to no experience.

If you already have some knowledge of photography, you may want to see if you can tag along with professional wedding photographers.

This is a great way to pick up all kinds of terrific wedding photography ideas and tips, especially for beginners.

What You Will Need

It is important for any wedding photographer to have certain pieces of photographic equipment in order to be able to get the right shots. And of course, you also need to know how to use this equipment.

If you are just starting out, it is not absolutely necessary that you go out and buy the most expensive gear. In fact, you can get a lot of the gear you need at great prices if you buy it used.

Auction sites such as Ebay are great places to look for quality photography equipment to use for wedding photography. Some of the gear that you are going to need includes:

  • A good camera. While just a few years ago 35 mm cameras were what you needed for wedding photography, today's digital cameras are the way to go. You can get some great deals on excellent digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras.

  • A wide angle lens. You are going to want to get a lot of people in many of your wedding photos, so it is wise to have a good wide angle lens that is no smaller than 35 mm.

  • A zoom lens. You may have to get some shots from far away, so you should have a good zoom. You will probably need nothing larger than a 150 mm lens.

  • An external flash. Depending on the size of the venue for the weddings you will be photographing, you may need to have a more powerful flash than the one that is built into your camera.

  • A tripod. There are many parts of a wedding that do not require any special shots, and you can have your camera on a fixed angle/aperture/speed. To make it easier on your feet, you can set your camera up on a tripod, and have a seat while you take your photos with a remote (of course, you want to make sure that you only do this for a few shots, because the people who are paying you will want to see that you are actually working).

  • All the little extras. Make sure that you have extra batteries and memory cards with you. You could be working for a few hours, and be taking hundreds of photographs, and you don't want to embarrass yourself by running out of batteries or memory.

Some more wedding photography ideas

There are two more really important things that you are going to need if you plan on becoming a wedding photographer: a great attitude and an ability to be able to deal with large groups of people, and any little situation that may come up.

You may find that you have people trying to tell you what shots they want, or how they want you to do the photography. As the professional, you know what to do. But, you have to let your customers know this in as polite a way as possible, handling all situations with tact.

When you are photographing someone's wedding, you are giving them memories that they are going to cherish for a lifetime!

This is why wedding photography is such a rewarding career.

If you think this sounds like the career for you, then it is time to start learning more about the business, and become the photographic artist you dream of being.

I hope you found this article "wedding photography ideas" useful!

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