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Learn & Master Photography - probably the best video instruction course for photography!

When I started my photography career I learned a lot by reading, practising and refining my technical abilities. As you can image, this took a lot of valuable time.

Looking back I would recommend everyone who is serious about photography to first get the proper education. It might not be free but you will learn so much more (and a lot quicker)!

Learn & Master Photography

Nowadays you have so much more possibilies. Use that to your advantage!

There are countless books, YouTube videos and thousands of websites that try to help you lift your photography skills.

It's just so much esier today. But which photography course is the right one?

Things to consider

I think that you have to decide to participate in a photography course IF you want to do a bit more than just "point-and-click".

Yes, there are some people who teach themselves how to work with the camera. But it's a minority and the learning-curve will be very hard (I guarantee it)!

Remember that the most talented photographers would still not be able to produce the world-class photos if they hadn't first managed to get the basics right.

Today I shoot at the most beautiful places on earth and it's really a lot of fun. But remember that I started with the basics, first!

That's a photo of myself shooting on the coast That's me shooting on the coast

I would like to share one common scenario with you:

I constantly talk with photography beginners. After their first attempts I can almost predict their reactions which is a "common frustration", most of the times. Not just with simple point-and-shoot cameras, but with expensive cameras as well!

Order the Digital Photography Course

As you can see, it's really not about the camera (altough it's an important factor, but not if you are starting out). It's about what you can DO WITH IT!

Therefore you should really think about photography courses. A great course can boost your learning curve by leaps and bounds!

Over the years I've been reveiewing a lot of courses. And you can believe me that there's a lot of crap on the market. But I've also discovered some excellent home learning courses such as the Learn & Master Photography home study course.

I would even say that it's the best home study course at the moment. And I've reviewed a lot of different programs. So this really speaks for this extensive course.

What you will receive

You will receive 30 hours of instruction in 24 sessions on 15 DVDs.

The course also includes 2 photography sample CDs with editable hight-resolution photographs that were used in the course sessions.

But wait, that's not all! There's also an entire Lesson Book that is based upon the DVD sessions.

If you have the command over your camera and know the basics - add some creativity and imagination and you will shoot on a different level. I guarantee you that! It's so much fun from here :-)

Myself on the city walls of Dubrovnik while following my travel-photography passion

The DVDs

The 15 DVDs are the heart and soul of this photography course. That's over 30 hours of video instruction!

What I especially like at this video course? The student can really feel the passion that the producers poured into this step-by-step guide. Their ultimate goal is also very clear: They want you to master the art of professional photography!

Here are two great sample videos

One such sample video is a nice on location shoot at low light.

Today, photo editing is also very important. Therefore they also offer on-screen demonstrations like in the video below.

If you are interested, they offer a couple more free photography sample lessons.

Summing up

Order the Digital Photography Course

As I mentioned earlier, I've reviewed a lot of photography courses and the Learn & Master Photography home study course is definitely within the top-three (if not the best)!

I strongly recommend them - not because I make a commission - but because it's a great product. And since they offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to loose.

Click here now to learn the secrets of professional photographers!