The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University

At both the Waltham, Massachusetts campus and the Washington D.C. campus, administrators, staff members and instructors do their best to

"reflect the real-world needs" of the students. Whether the incoming student chooses filmmaking, photography, animation, graphic design, audio production or a related area of study, he or she is certain to find "new and exciting ways of telling stories, expressing dreams and sharing passions."

These aren't just idle words at The Center for Digital Imaging Arts. Students can prepare for a successful career with the Professional Photography Certificate, an intensive program of study that brings in elements of the digital camera, image archiving, composition, color management, studio lighting, location lighting and much more.

Students are prepared to take their place in

  • commercial photography

  • advertising

  • portrait photography

  • or event photography

They have access to state-of-the-art digital training that prepares them for working in color correction, retouching, workflow and print management. In addition, instructors are careful to prepare students for managing their photography business as well as for incorporating images into Web design.

Professional Photography Certificate

This program covers two terms if the student attends full time (day) or four terms if the student attends part time (night). In addition to learning about digital cameras, composition and image archiving, students are instructed in Photoshop software use, file preparation and use of images for the Web.

Instructors are "world-class photographers and digital technicians"

The program includes detailed training in color correction, print management, database management and business practices as well, so the student is prepared to succeed as both a photographer and as a business person.

The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University uses the same state-of-the-art equipment and technology used by corporations and major studios:

  • Apple Mac Pro computers

  • Adobe professional software

  • Final Cut Pro

  • and ProFoto lighting equipment

Students have access to Canon and Nikon camera lenses and accessories, as well as the best studio and location lighting available.

Different "Level-Courses"

Courses included in the certificate program include 100-level courses that emphasize camera use and workflow, printing fundamentals with high-quality inkjet printing, Photoshop fundamentals and lighting.

In 200-level courses, students are introduced to advanced color correction, product and still life studio lighting, masking and compositing, architectural interiors and studio portrait photography.

When students reach the 300-level courses they study retail location photography, environmental location photography, working with models, wedding photography, photo markets and business practices.

Advanced students (400 level) study multimedia tools for photographers such as field audio, authoring tools and more.

Instructors begin to put emphasis on story building through multiple still images and work with individual students to develop personal portfolios. The final level of study in this photography program involves the directed study course, in which students focus on an independent project.

Multimedia for Photographers Certificate

This special area of focus is covered in one term (full time) and two terms (part time). The plan is designed to

"provide students with the conceptual foundation and technical proficiency required to create compelling stories for digital media, utilizing the complete range of the professional's multimedia toolkit."

Courses in this program include:

  • Introduction to Audio and the Ambient Soundscape

  • Techniques in Audio Storytelling

  • Audio and Photography

  • Shooting Video for Multimedia

  • and Editing the Multimedia Story

Students continue their course of study with Advanced Techniques in Visual Storytelling and Advanced Editing in Final Cut Pro.

Other courses in Multimedia for Photographers are Intro to Motion Graphics, Motion Graphics Project, Workflow Management, Multimedia Publishing and Distribution and the Capstone Project for advanced students.

This "multi-week project" covers:

  • research

  • strategy and fieldwork

  • basic assets management

  • editing and post-production

  • publishing and distribution

Of course, students in these programs want to establish a career in the field of photography and multimedia. The Center for Digital Imaging at Boston University endeavors to assist graduates take the next step toward success through the Career Services office. All graduates are eligible for assistance! Some of the companies that have hired graduates are:
  • American Institute for Research

  • Comcast Center

  • Discovery

  • Home Depot

  • National Geographic

  • WGBH

  • US News & World Report

  • Washington Wizards

  • and PBS

The Center for Digital Imaging Arts has developed a solid reputation for quality education in photography, multimedia and other areas of digital imaging. Maybe this is the place to start your career.

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