Shari Academy of Professional Photography (Mumbai, India)

Shari Academy of Professional Photography is recognized by many as one of the top training locations for people who are serious about photography. The school is located in Mumbai, a major city on the western coast that was long known as Bombay.

The metropolitan area has more than 20 million residents. This is a bustling center of activity for the country of India.

Administrators make sure that website visitors know Shari Academy was the first Adobe-accredited photography institute. It is one of only two in the country. The school offers a full-time schedule for those seeking a degree in photography and also organizes workshops that focus on a particular area of the craft.

For example, students may choose to pursue the Mastercraftsman Diploma in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging, a two-year, full-time program. They may also select the 10-month Diploma in Fashion and Portrait Photography program.

Other courses include:

  • Diploma in Digital Fine Art Photography (3 months)

  • Apprentice Diploma in Digital Studio Portrait and Events Photography (1 month full time)

  • Diploma in Photojournalism (3 months full time)

Making the choice from among these courses may seem difficult for the prospective student. Perhaps the best way to approach the Shari Academy of Professional Photography programs is to first decide just how comprehensive your photo education needs to be.

Young amateurs may need the exhaustive two-year program that includes everything from Principles of Photography, Principles of Design and Composition and Still Life procedure to Large-Set Production, Advertising Photography and Advanced Graphic Design.

Indian lady selling fruits and vegetables on the street Indian lady selling fruits and vegetables on the street

Installment plans are available for citizens of India only. The school also requires a small security deposit (refunded at end of course).


You need to make a small security deposit for each course.

By way of comparison, the Diploma in Digital Portraits and Events Photography lasts 3 months. This program covers such areas as Digital Workflow, Light Sources, Wedding/Function Coverage and Studio Portraits. Part of this training focuses on the computer as a crucial tool in photographic production.

Faculty, Equipment

Dean Girish Mistry also specializes in the instruction of Foundation Basics, Fine Art, Advance Still Life and Advance Production. Among the 15 stellar staff members are seven regular instructors and professors as well as several visiting professionals.

The current Visiting Faculty team includes Vihang Vasa, Preeti Bedi, Jignesh Zaveri, Jaideep Oberoi, Jagdish Agarwal, Ian Pereira, Atul Kasabekar and Anil Ghandi. Faculty members are Rohinton Irani, Vishal Bhende, Fawzan Husain, Swapan Mukherjee, Hridghanda Mistry and Jesal Bhuta.

Shari Academy of Professional Photography has served more than 2,000 students during its 20 year history. The school has also provided photography services and expertise to government and non-government entities.

In addition to the use of top-quality photography equipment (Sinar, Horseman, Mamiya, Canon and Nikon, students have access to a world-class photo laboratory. The library currently houses more than 700 books and documents specific to photography.

Share your work with other students - and participate in competitions

Students are encouraged to participate in exhibitions and competitions during their course of study. In addition, the academy provides job-placement assistance, career counseling and advice on portfolio development.

Students also receive extensive assistance with lodging and other accommodations, depending on the course of study and individual budget restraints.

Of course, the best measure of quality for any training program is the end result. Numerous Shari Academy graduates have testified to the quality of photography instruction and the dedication of both regular and visiting faculty. Commercial photographer Saaket Dhongde wrote:

"The only academy which teaches from the heart and makes you seasoned to accept all challenges."

Fine Art photographer Leena Kejriwal stated,

"I took my first steps in the professional world through Girish at the Shari Academy and they have been so amazingly sound that they are still carrying me through."

From all evidence provided students who wish to pursue a career in photography would do well to consider Shari Academy of Professional Photography. More information about this school in India is available at:

Contact Details

37-C, Doctors Compound
Opp. Soman Nagar
Parel Cross Lane
Chinchpokali (E), Mumbai - 400012

Telephone: + 91 22 23736214
91 22 23736215
91 98209 07025

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