Seattle Photography Schools

Many cities around the world are home to photography schools. The sleepless city is buzzing with photography educational opportunities. Seattle photography schools are rich in programs that will help hopeful photography students find the opportunities they needs and the skills they so desire.

You will find many schools sprinkled across this city. Of course, finding the one that suits your needs requires research and above all, patience. As they say, "Good things come to those who wait." And in this case, "Patience is a virtue."

Seattle skyline at night Seattle skyline

So where exactly can you find photography schools in Seattle?

Seattle Center Academy

Located at 305 Harrison Street, the Seattle Center Academy is a great school for students wishing to pursue a career in the blossoming field of photography. Of all Seattle-based media arts schools, school officials say that this is the best. The school takes an innovative approach to photography and media arts, but it also focuses on science organizations.

A typical day at the school is quite convenient for students. A student's day begins when a school shuttle bus picks them up and takes them to the Seattle Center. This is where you will get a snack before classes begin. All lunches can be purchased from the Seattle Center.

Of course, the school has more benefits than a regular morning routine. According to Cinda Johnston of the New Horizons for Learning organization, the Seattle Center Academy created a program called "Reach for It."

The Reach for It program was a research endeavor designed to see how the school impacts the lives of staff, teachers, as well as parents and youths involved with the school. The program was also effective in helping students with disabilities achieve their personal, academic goals.

The city of Seattle has roughly 190 colleges devoted to different careers. However, photography is still a mainstay for many area schools.

The Photographic Center Northwest

The peaceful city of Seattle has many other options for photography schools. The Photographic Center Northwest is just another example of this. The school does not focus on tradition sit-down classes alone; it also offers workshops that are centered on various aspects of photography.

Upcoming workshops for the months of April and May cover topics, such as "Introduction to the Color Workroom," "Processing and Printing Black and White", as well as "Introduction to Film Photography."

Black and white portrait Black and white portrait

Students can earn a Certificate in Fine Art Photography. Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in the fine arts are also encouraged to partner with the college's sister school, Seattle University.

You can learn much about the school by checking out its website. Please see their contact details below.

The Photographic Center Northwest

900 12th Avenue
Seattle WA 98122
Phone: (206) 720 7222

The Seattle Pacific Art Center

The Seattle Pacific Art Center has much to offer as a photography and media arts school. In terms of a diverse education, the school has a lot to offer. Students can acquire scholarships and build great relationships with the school's knowledgeable faculty.

The school's art department plays a huge role in helping students develop the all around skills they need to succeed in different photography venues.

By teaching the full gamut of photography and media, students learn basic principles of just about every aspect of photography. Plus, they learn how to apply those skills to the more technical side of photography. This all around media experience prepares for a fast track career in the photography and media industries.

The school's basic mantra is that it is important to teach students both the historical facts that helped shape modern art and media. Student galleries also give the school an eclectic and diverse feel.

The Seattle Pacific Art Center

3 West Cremona
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (206) 281-2079

The Cornish College of the Arts

The Cornish College of the Arts takes a totally different approach to photography and the fine arts. Students pursuing a degree in photography will be required to take a number of specific courses.

First, students study the conceptual principles of photography, technical aspects, and other basics. Students are also asked to develop their own perception of what art is. This is especially helpful for the aspiring photographer, because it helps him identify his own unique style. Diversity is a must in this field.

The Cornish College of the Arts

1000 Lenora Street
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206.726.5016

Seattle photography schools are a big part of Washington State's higher educational system. In a world that is buzzing with media opportunities, finding the right school will help you tremendously.

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