The Rocky Mountain School of Photography

When it comes to the Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP), taking photos is a passion. The school offers a wide variety of programs with the goal of fostering a sense of growth and community. The school prides itself on its focus on closeness and sense of family.

Located in Missoula, Montana, RMSP is situated beautifully along the Rocky Mountain range. If you find yourself looking into this school, it may help to look at everything to get the full picture.

First of all, you don't have to travel far to find a diversity of learning options - options which help you carve out a career in photography. In addition to teaching in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the school offers unique workshop events on specific aspects of photography.

Weekend activities and photography seminars are offered, giving prospective students the opportunity to sample what the school has to offer.

In 2007, the school sponsored what they call Photo and Digital Weekends in states throughout the United States and also in Canada. The unique history of this school has led many aspiring photographers to its doors.

Of course, the history of photography is no stranger RMSP's coursework curriculum. Courses that focus on old world photography help students learn the fundamentals and roots of old age photography and how it relates to photography in the digital age. These weekend events feature question and answer forums, lectures and a plethora of lectures designed to teach prospective and existing students about the school.

Photographer capturing some nice mountains Photographer capturing some nice mountains

In the past, Rocky Mountain School of Photography has been recognized for programs, such as Canon Live Learning. Such workshops were developed to teach students about Canon photography and are led by professional photographers.

They can be found in a multitude of locations all throughout, many of which may be available in your area. Other seminars focus on such topics as video photography as well as the technical aspects of photography. You can register for these courses online.

According to recent students, the Rocky Mountain School of Photography is so comprehensive and rich in professional-based learning that it is sometimes hard to decide which courses to take. The quality, students say, is just that high! RMSP exhibits can also be found in high profile states like New York and Ohio.

You can view student photography slideshows online. Many of them feature pictures from the Rockies with photos of bison and other creatures in the area. Included in these slideshows are also photos of Yellowstone National Park and Rocky Mountain Ranges.

In 2008, one student commented on the quality of the school's teachers. Professors aren't interested in their own gain but instead are more concerned with making sure you understand course material.

Always up-to-date!

In 2008, one student said she was impressed that professors stay abreast of new technology and keep up with current trends in the field. Another student said that summer intensive programs were more informative than courses he took at another four-year institution.

One nice thing about the school is that it features a multimedia lab and digital labs with digital computers. Students can also work in a laptop computer lab. This gives students a variety of options as to the learning atmosphere they prefer. This also facilitates learning in a way that can be tailored to each student's learning style.

RMSP is currently priming itself for the summer. The school's website is looking toward summer and the opportunity to take pictures that comes along with it. If you find yourself wondering if RMSP is for you, check out any online forum devoted to photography schools. Reviews of the school are complimentary and almost certainly promise that you will benefit from course offerings.

Professional photographer Professional photographer

Career training is also at the heart of the school's mission. The school has already lined up programs for developing a career in photography. Professional studies will be offered in early September 2010, with the mission of getting students on the right path.

The school also offers programs devoted specialized areas of photography. You can take courses in wedding photography, nature and documentary photojournalism. For more information about the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, please see the contact details below.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography

216 N. Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 800.394.7677