Rochester Institute of Technology

Known as a leader in "career-oriented education" the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has attracted hundreds of students from more than 90 countries around the world. The institute is divided into eight distinct colleges and offers dozens of degree programs.

Whether you want to pursue art, design, engineering, mathematics, photography, computer science or one of many courses of study, you are in luck with RIT.

Degree programs offer not only world-class technology instruction but also solid liberal arts basics. This is important for those who want to "gain an understanding of both technological developments and the philosophy and ethical issues" as well.

One of the keys to RIT's success is "cooperative education." According to the schools' marketing information RIT began this form of education a century ago.

During the most recent school, "more than 3,600 co-op students alternated periods of study on campus with paid employment at more than 1,900 firms across the U.S. and overseas.

Rochester Institute of Technology first started serving students in 1829! This privately endowed university now instructs more than 17,000 students, a number that includes almost 3,000 graduate students. In 2009-2010 RIT conferred more than 3,800 degrees, ranging from associate degrees and certificates to a select few doctorates.

The institute offers housing for full-time students. Options include apartments, residence halls, fraternity and sorority housing. Some of the pertinent facts at RIT are:

  • Two libraries plus dedicated archive/special collections

  • 30,000 electronic journals, 55,000+ e-books, thousands of print books/journals

  • 1,300 acres

  • 243 buildings

  • 1,020 full-time faculty

What to Study

It would take a lot of time and space to list all the courses of study offered at Rochester Institute of Technology. The choices range from business and liberal arts to microelectronic engineering and software engineering. To help narrow the focus, let's take a look at the general area of imaging/photography.

Students may begin as "undeclared" and choose Art and Design, Informatics Exploration or one of 10 other areas. Doctor of Philosophy degrees are offered in such areas as Color Science, Imaging Science and several other areas.

There are dozens of choices in the Master of Science category, including Game Design/Technology, Imaging Science and Software Engineering.

The university also offers a Master of Engineering degree in several areas, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree programs, as well as certificate and associate programs in numerous areas.

Female photographer shooting outside Female photographer

In the BFA sector, students may choose from 3D Digital Graphics, Film and Animation, Fine Arts Studio or Graphic Design. In the area of photography alone there are numerous choices:

  • Professional Photographic Illustration-Advertising Photography

  • Professional Photographic Illustration-Fine Art Photography

  • Professional Photographic Illustration-Photojournalism

  • Professional Photographic Illustration-Visual Media

For the past 20+ years, the university has offered an Imaging Science Ph.D. program, the first of its kind in the United States.

This course of study continues to keep RIT in the forefront of photography/imaging technology and research!

As with all quality universities, RIT puts a lot of effort into helping graduates move into an exciting and satisfying career. But this school is a world leader in cooperative education, with companies of all sizes working with RIT students.

Full-time staff members work to help companies recruit students and graduates. Rochester Institute of Technology is considered one of the best universities in the nation and ranks as the

"third largest producer of science, technology, engineering and mathematics undergraduate degree recipients among all U.S. private universities."

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Some qualified students who are interested in technology education find that money is an obstacle. But RIT's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships helps prospective students find resources that will allow them to pursue their education.

According to university statistics, more than 12,000 students receive financial assistance totaling "$282 million dollars" from various sources. These sources include scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment.

There are a number of excellent universities to choose from when it comes to science and technology.

Rochester Institute of Technology is certain to be at the top of the list for many serious students.

Contact Details

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