Photography Studio Equipment

If you're a professional photographer, chances are that you have a good idea of what photography studio equipment you will need. The professionals use everything from high tech cameras to special lights. All these things help bring out the best in the person or scene you wish to photograph.

Before you decide what equipment you will need to set up a studio or take a course, you should know the basics of what to do.

If you find yourself ready to set up a studio, it helps to have an idea of what equipment will be needed. Photographers who take state of the art pictures generally work with a variety of different cameras, many of which resemble umbrellas with light that juts out of every crevice of the camera.

One of the first steps to setting up photography studio equipment is to determine what size room you want to use. Experts recommend using a room that is roughly 15 to 20 feet long, allowing for 12 feet of open space to operate equipment.

Interior of professional photo studio Interior of professional photo studio

You will also need to make sure you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate studio equipment. Once you've ensured that your studio meets these requirements, it is time to work on lighting. Make sure that the ceiling is wide enough to reflect light down upon the people or objects you are taking pictures of.

Also bear in mind that studio equipment can be quite large. That's why it's so important to make sure the room is at least 15 feet wide.

A photography studio requieres many kinds of equipment

To set up a studio, you will need many kinds of equipment. Before you decide to buy anything, you will need to determine what kind of equipment will best suit your needs.

If you're a wedding photographer, your studio may not need to be as elaborate as others, because you take photos on site. But for those who bring people into the studio, you will need to take a few things into consideration, the first being cameras.

Close-up of four digital SLR cameras with flashes Close-up of four digital SLR cameras with flashes

Traditional point and click cameras are still popular with some photographers. However, most modern photographers opt for digital studio cameras, because of their ability to take sharp images that can be retouched, if necessary.

The nice thing about digital studio cameras, say experts, is that your image is not frozen in time, if it is not perfect. Modern technology has given us the ability to take countless pictures without having to worry about using all the film. You can simply erase what you don't want and replace it with a new picture.

You need a lot more than "just" a camera...

Cameras are not the only thing you need to worry about, however.

You will also need reflector boards, dressing rooms and a plethora of other things. Extension cords and poles are must haves for photographers. You will also need curtains, mirrors and step ladders. Step ladders can help you take photographs from different angles and from above, if necessary.

You will also need to make sure you have a variety of backgrounds - of many different colors. Matte is the most popular, but it doesn't hurt to have others. A floral background would work well for wedding pictures. Having a number of different backgrounds will also help diversify your business.


Tripods are another big part of any photography studio. The size of tripods you'll need will ultimately depend on the size of your camera. You have many brands to choose from, of course, ranging from Nikon to Swarovski. If you cannot decide which tripod is best for your camera, a local electronics store should be able to help you.

Photo studio soft box tripod Photography studio equipment: tripod

You will also need reflector boards to help you position light and to absorb flashes. These will also help you to feature highlights. Highlights are especially effective for senior portraits and photos that feature a single person.

There are some other things that future photographers easily forget...

You will also need to think about ventilation. You will need to install air conditioning. Having bright lights all over the place can really heat up a room, and air conditioning helps to create a better environment.

Puhhh, a lot of things to consider - yes. But it's all do-able and if you have the right information it's even easier.

Hope that helps!

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