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We haven't even started to discuss the great photography opportunities yet!

Let's do that now.

Photography Studies College in Melbourne is

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That description alone should get photography students excited about the opportunities for learning in this south-coast city. PSC offers an advanced diploma in photography.

Graduates have moved on to work at the professional level in travel, fashion, advertising, journalism and many other fields. Preparatory courses are offered in such disciplines as commercial photography, art photography and photojournalism.

Administrators and instructors make an effort to keep the learning environment "alive," focusing on small class sizes, individual creativity and expert support.

Success factors

One of the keys to success at Photography Studies College in Melbourne is the diversity of experience brought by instructors. They teach much more than how to use a camera or how to edit photos with a computer.

Instructors help students discover

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Staff members use unique approaches to instruction, with a focus on stimulating the individual passions and talents of the student. The goal is for each student to become "a skilled and confident image-maker." Graduates are prepared to work in the current field of professional photography, of course. But the training will also prepare them for challenges in the industry of tomorrow.

Your Choices

Students who complete a program at Photography Studies College in Melbourne obviously take with them much more than the coveted advanced diploma of photography.

As we mentioned, they specialize in commercial, art or journalism photography as well. But there's more to the training and instruction.

Students may choose a three-year, full-time program or a part-time program of at least four years, whichever fits the individual schedule best. Both opportunities are designed to help the student develop a particular vision and provide each individual with a unique way of "speaking" through photography.

Perhaps the way to tell you what you have access to is to let Photography Studies College in Melbourne speak for itself.

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At this fine college, in one of Australia's fine cities, you learn not to take photos but how to make photographs that will connect with the viewer. Instructors generally push students to work just beyond their level of comfort because it's the best way to develop a personal vision.

More Choices...

In addition, when the student is ready to move into the world of professional photography there are even more choices. For example, Photography Studies College in Melbourne offers a "unique credit transfer arrangement" for those who earn the advanced diploma of photography. "A one-year degree conversion is available at RMIT University."

This allows diploma holders to earn a BA in Photography or BA in Media Arts, with the opportunity to move on to advanced degrees at universities around the world. Graduates have the opportunity to become associated with such professional organizations as the

Choose Photography Studies College in Melbourne and open the door to your world of photography.

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