Photography Schools in Ohio

Ohio is one of the most fruitful states in the USA. As a home to many government and public service jobs, the state of Ohio abounds with both vocational and educational opportunities.

For students hoping to land a career in the vast and blossoming field of photography, finding photography schools in Ohio may be a blessing in disguise. Opportunities in photography are plentiful in the state, and consequently photography and media professionals are flocking across its borders.

Skyline of Toledo, Ohio -- Photography schools in Ohio --
Skyline of Toledo

Brown Mackie College

In the state of Ohio alone, careers in photography are plentiful. Currently you can find advertisements for news photographer, writer/photographer, and photography sales professionals. And so, it comes as no surprise that students flock to Ohio every year to find some of the best photography schools in the state.

Brown Mackie College is one such school.

Located in Cincinnati, Brown Mackie College prides itself on its straightforward approach to learning. According to the school's website, attending college there is more convenient, because you don't have to sign up for a three month semester-long curriculum.

Instead, you can sign up for month-long courses. You can take courses during the day or in the evening, depending on the type of schedule your day follows. The nice thing about this, experts say, is that it gives you the flexibility to live a life that is non-traditional.

These days, people are constantly on the go, and this schedule helps accommodate that. Because classes last for only one month, you don't have the added pressure of other courses. Plus, you can focus more time and energy on one subject.

Of course, that isn't the only benefit of Brown Mackie College. Like most photography schools, you have the help of trained professors and academic activities.

At Brown Mackie, however, you also have the opportunity to utilize the school beyond graduation. School professionals will help you find a job after you graduate!

Brown Mackie College - Akron

755 White Pond Drive, Suite 101
Akron, OH 44320
Phone: 330.869.3600

Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology

The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology is yet another example of photography schools in Ohio. Founded in 1971, the school has a wealth of opportunities and amenities available to students. The school is located in Dayton, Ohio, the brick stone exterior to the school is merely the shell to a wealth of educational opportunities.

Inside the school's doors, you will find an eclectic world of classes that help photography students carve out their future careers.

Not only can you find programs in the typical areas of wedding and glamour photography; you can also find programs specializing in commercial and biomedical photography. Graphic design and general applied photography are also offered at the school.

Of course, finding your niche in a multi-faceted school takes time!

Other courses of study are offered, so it helps to have a good idea of what area you plan to pursue. In 2006, roughly 740 students attended the school. Tuition was roughly $18,889 when combined with fees. The school's application fee is $20.00, so applying to the school is pretty easy, in comparison to other schools.

Dayton Campus

2800 E River Road
Dayton, OH 45439
Tel: 800.935.1857 (Toll Free)
Tel: 937.294.6155

Photography schools in Ohio

The Cleveland Institute of Art

The Cleveland Institute of Art is yet another photography school located in Ohio. Many schools offer only a traditional photography education, but this school takes it a step further.

Every student gets his own individualized education. Students meet one-on-one meetings with school professionals, critiques, lessons, and lectures. Black and white dark rooms also immerse students in the full photography experience.

Students can take courses in both film and video editing. This teaches students various aspects of photography. When combined together, these experiences make students extremely marketable to different areas of photography. Because video and traditional media are still a big part of society today, these skills will help you succeed in cities around the world!

Of course, classes at the college are as diverse as its students. Not only do you have the choice of taking courses in fine arts photography; you also have the ability to branch out into different areas, such as film photography, video photography, and applied photography.

When you're a student interested in photography, finding the right school is essential to establishing a successful career. However, finding the right school in Ohio is quite easy. All you need to do is picture your future.