Photography Schools In California

If you're majoring in photography, finding photography schools in California is probably at the top of your priority list. And the good news is that there are a number of them available if you live in the area.

There are a great many of art institutes and schools specializing in the art of taking photos. However, finding the right one can be a challenge.

According to experts, there are photography schools in many California cities, including Los Angeles, Oakland and Fresno. These photography schools offer majors in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • photojournalism

  • graphic design

  • and filmmaking

The Brooks Institute is just one example of a California photography school.

According to Brooks University, classes are taught by leading photography experts. With locations in Ventura and Santa Barbara, The Brooks Institute offers programs in digital cinematography and offers a Master of Fine Arts program.

One recent graduate of the school went on to become a freelance editor and producer for TIME Inc. Studios. Other graduates have taken jobs major cities, such as New York.

Sunrise in California Beautiful sunrise with palm trees in Los Angeles

Then there's The Art Institute of California - Hollywood. As one of the major photography schools in California, the Art Institute of California Hollywood is close to a wide variety of video, photography and film districts.

A lot of California photography schools are concentrated in the southern California area and can be visited easily through subway transit. The school is placed in one of the biggest fashion districts in Southern California.

According to the Art Institute of California, it is the school's goal to provide postsecondary programs that will ultimately place students in entry-level positions.

Graduates of the Art Institute of California have gone on to work for big name companies, such as MTV, Nintendo and Time Warner. You can visit the school's website to enroll online and chat with customer service representatives.

Getting landscape shots in Death Valley, California. Getting landscape shots in desert at Death Vallley in California

The journey toward photography careers for many begins in California. Many who attend photography schools in California eventually migrate out of the state and take careers in other hot spots and to areas across the state of California. Chico, San Francisco and Modesto have received many graduates of California photography schools.

According to educational experts, California has over 200 colleges and universities. Students flock to the state every year in search of great photography schools.

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The Best Schools in California

According to other experts, there are many California art schools that boast of programs in photography. Academy of Art College is a top choice of photography schools in California. It offers a certificate in photo digital imaging as well as Associate's degrees in photography, Bachelor's degrees in photography and Master's degrees in photography.

Foothill College

Foothill College is another option for photography students. As a school for fine arts and communication, Foothill College offers a wide variety of degree programs.

One of the most highly-noted and popular programs at the school is its photography program. The school offers photography courses that can be easily transferred to other educational institutions.

Contact Details

Foothill College
12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills
CA 94022

California College of the Arts

Of course, Foothill College is only one of the photography schools in California offering degree programs for this specialized major. The California College of the Arts is another California school that is well-noted for its photography program.

According to school experts, the university takes an all-encompassing approach to photography curricula. The school offers courses that explore new age photography as well as studies focused on historical art and photography.

Here, you can also study analog and historical imaging. These studies, the college says, are essential to accomplishing the photography goals of every student. The school is also well-noted for bringing visiting lecturers onto the campus. Of course, art and photography are not the only things being studied there. Courses that focus on the societal impacts on photography are also available.

Contact Details

California College of the Arts
San Francisco campus address
1111 Eighth Street San Francisco CA 94107-2247
Phone: 415.703.9500

International School of Design & Technology

The International School of Design & Technology is yet another great example of photography schools in California. Adept in programs focusing on various aspects of photography, the International School of Design & Technology offers degree programs that can be completed in 18 months.

If you find yourself looking into California photography schools, you have a lot of choices. Whether you want to be close to a large commercial area or out in a quiet city neighborhood, you have a lot to choose from. Peruse these schools, and picture your future career.