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We live in a world where many professions are fading, due to the global economic crisis. All around us, jobs are being outsourced. However, there is one bit of bright light for those who are serious about securing a job in this lucrative and ever-blooming field.

If you're looking for a photography school Texas, the good news is that you won't have to search very far. In fact, the state has many Texas photography schools, all of which will give you a competitive edge.

Texas School of Professional Photography

Located deep in the heart of Texas, the Texas School of Professional Photography has received accolades from both current and former students. According to professional organizations, the school offers personalized one on one instruction between professors and students. Social events are held each week, making it easy for students to network with others who are interested in the field.

The school's campus is quite beautiful. With a citadel-like exterior, the college's main building sets the stage for an inspiring educational experience.

The school's Facebook page is dotted with rave reviews. School officials boast that roughly 1,000 photographers attended the school in 2008. And this number is steadily growing. Each year, the number of students attending trumps the number of students from the previous year.

If you want to attend a photography school texas, chances are that you've explored the various options available.

Don Dickson, the Texas School of Professional Photography's executive director, said that enrollment was expected to exceed 1,000 in 2010. In 2009, the school offered 36 courses for students to choose from.

One student said the school offered her the "experience of a lifetime."

Of course, this is not the only great photography school in Texas.

For more information about this great school please see our article on the Texas School of Professional Photography.

American InterContinental University Houston

The American InterContinental University Houston (AIU) is yet another Texas college devoted to the area of photography. Here, you will find a plethora of educational tracks, including law, technology, and above all, photography.

Digital and graphic design programs fit into the school's photography curriculum. Many photography schools offer two-year programs, rather than the typical four-year bachelor's degree, and AIU of Houston is no exception.

AIU's goal is to get students on the fast track to success and to give them a fun yet hands-on experience in the photography field. The school's two-year program makes it easier for students who don't want to spend four years in college to get the very same education. This is not an associate's degree program. It is a four-year degree that is condensed into two academic years.

Contact Details

American InterContinental University
9999 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77042
Toll free information: (888) 607-9888

The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes has multiple locations throughout the United States. Texas just happens to be one of the states with the Art Institute. With two locations in both Houston and Dallas, the Art Institute has much to offer.

Not only can students take courses in photography; they also have the opportunity to take design courses. Such courses give students an overall picture of what it's like to have a career in photography and visual media.

The Dallas campus is quite different than the school's Houston location. Spanning across 60 acres of land, the Dallas school is located in the art district of the city. The faculty consists of roughly 100 professors, most of whom have extensive expertise in their field.

Courses teach students what the pros do and immerse students in lessons that simulate a photography environment. From these courses, students have the ability to build up portfolios that help them get into the field when they graduate.

The school has a number of courses that help students achieve this goal. You can take graphic design, photography, and even media arts & animation. This all-inclusive educational experience gives students the opportunity to venture into various aspects of the photography field. Skills learned can also be applied to outside fields, such as advertising and photojournalism.

Of course, academics are not the only consideration. Student life is buzzing with opportunity. Academic advice, housing, and support for special needs students are also a large part of providing great services to students.

Finding a great photography school in Texas is a great asset for Midwestern students pursuing careers in the media arts and photography. Finding your niche in one of these schools can paint a beautiful picture for the future.

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