Photography School Pittsburgh

In the United States, big cities are bustling with opportunities both large and small. Blooming career fields like photography are a big part of many college curricula. The city of Pittsburgh has recognized this, and every photography school Pittsburgh has become a huge draw for photography students both far and wide.

If you are among one of these students, you've probably checked out your options. But for many, Pittsburgh is the best option. Here's why.

Beautiful skyline of Pittsburgh with deep red colour from sunset The beautiful skyline of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh School of Photography

The Pittsburgh School of Photography is quite happy to boast its ability to help students create vibrant and eye-catching images. Bright photos that evoke emotion are a huge part of modern photography today. So how exactly can the Pittsburgh School of Photography help you achieve that?

The Pittsburgh School of Photography is a branch of the Stare Photography School, a website devoted to teaching students how to take great photos that evoke emotion and create striking color imagery. There is an art to capturing a feeling in a photo, and photos on the school's website do much to reflect that.

The school covers the multi-faceted aspects of photography, including composition, color, line, and effervescent techniques that make up photography today. According to school experts, some of Pittsburgh's best photography schools are located online. Yes, it's true. Students complete all coursework online and receive grades almost immediately.

Photography schools in Pittsburgh are by no means lacking. As with most cities around the United States, Pittsburgh has its own branch of the Art Institute. Pittsburgh offers the online edition of this school.

Like most other online schools, students can earn a bachelor's of science degree or diploma in any number of branches of photography. Digital design is a popular area for many students.

You can also earn a diploma in digital design. In doing so, you can learn the basics of digital design along with how to use light and color effectively. Printing and lettering play a big part of photography, so students in this track need to take courses in typography and lettering.

If you find yourself leaning toward this photography degree, also remember that you will need to become familiar with photography software packages, because they are used very much today. Photoshop and other Adobe programs are quite popular in digital photography, so a familiarity with these is essential to your success.

Carlow University - Pittsburgh

Carlow University - Pittsburgh is yet another option for photography students in both Pennsylvania and those from other areas. This is primarily a woman's school-one with a diverse history that stretches back to 1843, when the Sisters of Mercy from Carlow, Ireland arrived. This is the first woman-created Catholic university in Pennsylvania.

A highly creative school, Carlow University encourages students to dip into their creativity, in an effort to educate students in a wide variety of areas. The school teaches them to be both leaders and keepers of tradition. Graphic design and media majors, including photography, are also a huge part of the school.

At Carlow, students majoring in the graphic and media arts and photography have a unique opportunity to combine the perks of an accredited university with techniques taught at a liberal arts school. When paired together, these create a harmonious marriage of skills that are sure to help Carlow graduates move swiftly in photography careers.

Students attending the school are required to take a number of required courses to pass into their chosen majors. Every student must take an introduction to visual culture. Basic Art and Life Drawing are also essential to a degree at Carlow.

Contact Details

Carlow University
3333 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 1-800-333-2275

Duquesne University

Duquesne University is a modern state of the art university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The regal exterior of Duquesne University is likely to draw inspiration from any photography student.

Offering programs in photography, Duquesne takes a broad-based approach to photography by offering courses in:

  • The Art of Photography,
  • Advanced Design,
  • and print making.

The school's coordinator for fellowships is more than happy to work with you and help you get scholarships.

Contact Details

Duquesne University
Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh
PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.6000

Photography School Pittsburgh - Final words

If you live in the state of Pennsylvania and a drawn to photography, you live in an ideal area. The state of Pennsylvania and specifically Pittsburgh, have much to offer you.