Recommended Photography Resources

Photography Websites That I Like (And Highly Recommend)!

Paco Feria / photojournalist - Travel pictures and Photo reportages around the World

All Things Photography - Inspiring and helpful digital photography tips on everyday subjects, including Photoshop, with example photographs. photography tips and techniques, articles on famous photographers, different genres and the history of photography plus photo galleries and top photo products. - The independent experimental and curious
photography and camera tech web space.

Photography Directories

Photo Directory.

FreePhtoGallery: Photography Directory and Photography Search Engine.

Photography Homepages Directory - A great online catalogue featuring only the best photography related websites with quality content.

FreePhotoGallery : Photography Directory and Photography Search Engine

Photography Directory Project - The Photography Directory. Add your site for FREE!

The Photography Directory - List of list of talented professional photographers

Other Photography Websites

Blog Catalogue - Photography Blogs: Lessons and learnings.

Digital Photography Manufacturers

Canon - Veteran in the photo industry and highly recommended.

Nikon - Also offers fantastic equipment.