Photography Institute

For students with an interest in photography, finding a photography institute in their area will help them advance in their career. Not surprisingly, there are many photography schools, including the "Photography-Institute", which can help you accomplish your career goals.

As you embark on your journey to find the right photography school for you, it's important to know what's out there and what you're looking for. Many US states, such as New York, have institutes dedicated to photography.

Which one you choose to attend, for many people, will depend on where they live. But for those with a sense of adventure, traveling to the other side of the world is a worthwhile endeavor!

Foot prints in the sand and the ocean, Sri Lanka Foot prints in the sand (Sri Lanka)

So where do you turn when you're looking for the right school? The first step to finding the right institute lies in doing your research. Every photography school has something different to offer. Many focus on specialized areas of photography, such as photojournalism or wedding photography courses.

Course curriculum will depend on the area you wish to pursue. Most schools have pre requisites in general photography. These courses can include classes in popular photography topics, such as digital photography and the fundamentals and history of photography.

The Photography Institute

The Photography Institute (TPI) is one example of a great photography school. As a "sponsored organization of the New York Foundation for the Arts," the school takes a different perspective on photography. TPI takes on the attitude that taking photos is a way of communicating feelings, ideas and messages that cannot be communicated verbally.

Professional scholars, artists and critics are at the heart of an education at TPI. Many photography schools hire professors who are experts in their field, but TPI focuses on all points of view that affect modern photography. Images and photos that students create are intended to present current trends and ideas that are critical to modern life.

In the mid 2000s, the school featured photo galleries by former students on their website. Currently, the site has links to corporate sponsors, such as Polaroid and the Photo District News Magazine.

There are many photography schools on the west coast of the United States. You will find a good number of Photography schools in California.

The International Academy of Design & Technology

In Sacramento, California, you will find the International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT). Within the school's walls, you will find photography students diligently working to make their dreams come true. This school is a highly-renowned applied arts school.

The International Academy of Design & Technology is unique in the sense that it offers both Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in photography. Both degree paths require courses that are unique to each, individual program. This school is devoted to visual design and arts, so it only makes sense that photography students attend the school.

Of course, the United States is not the only country that is bursting with great photography schools. There are other photography schools all over the globe that offer a great photography education.

The Photography Institute of Naples

According to media experts at the Naples News, the Photography Institute of Naples came into being when Frank Berna, a former Ritz Camera manager, decided he needed a change. With that change, he decided to open the school. Berna taught his first class in July 2008, according to, an Italian-based web publication.

In another corner of the globe, you will find photography institutes in India. First, you have the Asian Academy of Film and Television offers courses in various media as well as photography. The Institute of Colour Photography and Videography is another great school in India that offers courses in photography.

In Mumbai, you will also find the Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art. Here, you can earn a Bachelor of fine arts degree. Opening in 1857, the School has many graduates who have gone on to take careers as poets, actors, musicians and social workers.

When it comes to getting a good photography education, you have many choices available, both in the United States and around the globe.