Photography Evening Course

Those in the U.K. have a number of options in this area of photography education.

For example, courses such as Digital Photography Professional Practice Level 3 BTEC Award, Digital Photography Intermediate, Digital Photography for Beginners and similar courses are offered at various locations in the greater London area.

If you aspire to produce fine-art photographs the Photography as Fine Art course at Kensington and Chelsea College might be for you.

If you are already a serious amateur photographer or consider yourself a semi-professional who is ready to move to the next level, consider the courses designed to lead you into the business of photography.

Studio photography is offered in evening courses, for example.

Evening Basics Elsewhere

In addition to these challenging U.K. courses you might also want to take an evening or two each week to improve your beginner skills in the United States or another country.

You have several options if you want to learn more about the digital, single-lens-reflex camera, photo composition or outdoor photography.

Some of these courses will help you think more like a professional so that you can see photography as a business. If you have the desire to make some extra money in sports photography, there is a photography evening course for that too.

Many of the organizers offer the same class in a morning session or on the weekend as well. Individual classes generally have a tuition cost of about $60 US.

Beginner courses may also focus on producing excellent images through digital photography without the classic darkroom instruction required in film photography. Emphasis is on developing a "good eye" and building technical skills in the areas of:

  • exposure time
  • light meters
  • flash use
  • shutter speed
  • and much more

Students are required to bring their own camera. Images are stored on a CD or flash drive so the student can take their photos with them.

If the class does focus on film photography the schools usually allow students to purchase their film in class. Processing film and getting prints is left to the student in many cases, unless the program includes darkroom time.

A Fashionable Example

Fashion photography could be an exciting path for the energetic photographer. If you have the creative ability and the commercial mindset you may be able to find your niche in this challenging industry!

While we aren't recommending or reviewing specific schools or programs we would like to present an example that will get you thinking about a photography evening course.

Uptodate Fashion Academy has a good program for this field. As the schools' Web site states, the evening course

"proposes an enriched syllabus for passionate fashion photographers - a passion which when associated with specific techniques will produce talented professional fashion photographers. Through fieldwork and hands-on simulation activities in the form of shoots and digital work, you will be able to apply successfully a wide range of technical photographic skills."

The school also helps students get started on their freelancer career. There's plenty of emphasis on building a professional portfolio.

Evening Courses Are Available Worldwide

Complete courses in several locations worldwide require attendance two evenings each week, usually from about 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Some courses are offered in both the native language and English, which opens up a lot of possibilities for aspiring photographers.

Typical costs for two-night programs that last six weeks are about 900 Euros. This is considered a bachelor-degree level course but prior experience is not necessary.

Students who pursue this more extensive program will need to arrange for accommodations. Group size is usually 12 students or less to allow for more personal attention.

As may be apparent from these specific examples there are a lot of great choices for a photography evening course. It remains for the aspiring beginner to make a choice or for the professional to choose a class that will enhance his or her skills!

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