Photography Courses UK

We might want to start with some of the photography courses UK in locations other than London. There are excellent seminars, workshops, traditional classroom programs and photography courses in Scotland, one of the most fascinating and historic nations in the world.

With its stark beauty and amazing architecture, Scotland is a perfect place to practice, study and enjoy the wonderful world of photography. Instructors in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow offer outstanding technical training and creative leadership. If this might be an option for you please also see our article on photography courses Edinburgh.

One of the best features of photography courses UK is the opportunity to get into the field to enjoy the landscape and learn about outdoor light. Scotland certainly provides some great settings for this phase of your education.

The Emerald Isle is another excellent location for studying and enjoying photography. Ireland's capital, Dublin, is one of the most historic cities in the world, with an atmosphere that draws you in and makes it difficult to leave.

The city is home to several excellent photography programs that not only provide top-level technical training and creative direction but also put this amazing city at your doorstep.

We'll talk about some of the great photography courses in London in just a moment, but first we should mention that it isn't necessary to focus on the large cities when you want to study photography. Some of the mid-size cities and rural areas may also be perfect for photography courses UK.

Be sure to check out Liverpool, in the north of England, or Wales, a section of the island nation that is often overlooked as a fascinating destination.

Popular photography courses in the United Kingdom

Among the most popular courses in the world of photography are Zoom In and Photofusion. The two are significantly different, however. Zoom In is a non-profit program that has a special mission - offering photography education and training to individuals and community groups in and around London.

While it would help to locate in the city, the program reaches out beyond the city. Programs range from basic camera training to creative vision and darkroom technique. Photoshop and editing instruction are offered as well.

Of course, one of the benefits you get from living and studying in London or another great UK city is the atmosphere. Many of these cities are like living museums, offering visitors a chance to see hundreds of years of history. Students can hone their craft, learn special techniques and gather memories that will last a lifetime.

Woman posing in London Woman posing in front of the Big Ben in London


If you want a formal program to help you focus your efforts, look into Photofusion. As we mentioned, it is very different from the non-profit Zoom In structure. This program is considered one of the largest independent photography centres available anywhere.

The school provides classroom instruction, seminars and workshops as well as studio and darkroom availability. There are exhibition facilities as well. This school focuses on instruction of a slightly different sort and tries to provide an alternative to the classic idea of education. Programs definitely help students move in the direction of employment in the "real world."

London School of Photography

Of course, London and several other major cities in the UK offer traditional education in schools with a long history of providing arts education. The London School of Photography and the Royal College of Art are two institutions that fit into this category.

With a goal of providing "high quality education and training in photography," the London School of Photography offers classes every day of the week and in the evening as well. One key to this school's attractiveness is the focus on non-traditional education. Instead of formal classroom settings the instructions help students with personal discovery.

Costs vary from program to program but many weekend workshops are reasonably priced at £295 or less. The London School of Photography offers a studio master class for £695 and week-long courses in the £595 range. These programs tend to fill quickly so it would be wise to start planning your photography courses UK study right away.

The Royal College of Art

If you want to get a taste of something slightly different, you might try the Royal College of Art, a world-class art school and design school.

While you will certainly learn a lot about photography in a Royal College program you will find that the instructors and students are also helping to shape modern culture. Placement numbers for this school are amazingly high, with more than 90 percent of students finding work in their specific field.

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