Photography Courses Toronto

When you think about studying photography as a way to build a solid foundation for a career, you should choose a great school with a solid reputation, of course. You certainly want to study where you can choose fine-art photography courses, a program that focuses on portrait and studio work, the demanding work of advertising photography or creative darkroom techniques.

But there is something to be said for studying in a great city with world-class museums, entertainment venues, cultural activities and outdoor/nature recreation choices. When you talk to family and friends consider the location as well as the formal education.

As you write your must-have list, put bachelor's degree and graduate studies near the top, then add "atmosphere" to your list of priorities.

Among the key elements that draw people to Toronto (and keep long-time residents there) are ethnic diversity, outstanding educational opportunities, wonderful art museums and galleries. Add to this impressive list the professional sports teams, wonderful architecture and excellent choices in the fields of communication and advertising and you will find the provincial capital of Ontario a great place to live and work.

Skyline of Toronto, Canada Beautiful skyline of Toronto at night

Photography Courses Toronto: University Level

Scattered across the city's 243 square miles are some of the finest photography education opportunities on the North American continent. For example, the Visual Arts program at York University provides a complete education in the field, with a balance of classroom, darkroom and studio time.

A good choice might be the two-year (four semesters) course at the Seneca campus. This "intensive" program is designed for those with a "strong interest in photography and image creation."

Not only will you leave with basic knowledge of photography you will also build a strong portfolio that should open a lot of doors later on. One of the benefits of this program, and others at the university level, is that the student receives training in business practice and "entrepreneurial skills."

Image Arts programs at Ryerson University

Consider the Image Arts programs at Ryerson University, a list of study options that includes Photography Studies. This school provides wide-ranging study in both classic film photography and electronic imaging that is difficult to find. Ryerson has put a lot of emphasis on production facilities but doesn't ignore the creative visions of individual students.

Areas of study include Art History, Visual Studies, Design and Communications, Photographic Science, Digital Technologies, Studio Practice, Camera/Lighting Techniques and a variety of darkroom plans.

Another great option for photography courses Toronto is the Digital Photography course of study at the International Academy of Design and Technology.

The Toronto School of Art includes a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and digital arts. The emphasis is on providing

"a positive environment for aspiring artists to acquire a visual arts education. Individual, full or part-time courses are available at every level throughout the year, during days, evening and weekends; class sizes average 16 students, and instructors are all practicing artists."

Individual, Independent

Toronto offers university-level photography study that is second to none, it's clear. But there also dedicated media and image-arts schools, photography courses at newly established schools and technical training at the community-college level.

Toronto Image Works has an excellent reputation in the field of media arts and photography. Students have the opportunity to study with industry experts and instructors.

The School of Photography in Toronto is a new addition to the educational scene. Founder Peter Gatt puts emphasis on helping people learn about digital cameras, using enjoyable activities, hands-on classes and workshops of the most practical kind.

Whether you choose a university-level course, two years of study at a smaller school or individual courses that allow you to set your own pace, Toronto might be the place to go.

This major Ontario city boasts more than 13,000 full-time jobs in the fields of public relations, advertising and communications alone. There are another 3,000 jobs in photography and related technical fields. All of this adds up to an exciting, vibrant city in which to live and study photography.

The professionals and creative geniuses are all around you!

I hope you found this article about photography courses Toronto useful.