Photography Courses Sydney

In today's world, it's hard to find a career field that is blossoming, let alone profiting. Everywhere you turn, people are returning to school in the hopes of finding the perfect career to help them excel. For those who live in the Down Under, taking photography courses Sydney is the ideal way to solidify a career as a photographer!

Not surprisingly, Sydney photography courses are not limited to colleges alone. In fact, there are many workshops in the city that are just as good as those offered at traditional two and four-year institutions.

Black and white photo of Sydney Beautiful skyline of Sydney, Australia

Focus 10 Photography

Focus 10 Photography is a school that offers courses in a number of Australian cities, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Toronto, and London, the school's website says.

Offering a number of workshops and courses on different aspects of photography, Focus 10 Photography teaches students how to be photographers through a number of on-site workshops offered in Australia and in some European countries as well.

The question, however, is:

How exactly do you find courses and workshops that are right for you?

You can find courses by visiting the school's website. There you will find a course calendar, along with detailed descriptions about each course's location and course material.

First, the important thing to remember is that courses are held several times each month. These focus on different topics that will benefit you as a future photographer. By browsing the school's course calendar, you are sure to find courses on a wide variety of photography-related topics.

Many of these are quite specific and focus on specialized areas of photography. These include

Sydney, Melbourne, and Paddington are popular cities for hosting these types of events. Nature photography course immerse students in the wonders of nature:

  • waterfalls

  • historic monuments

  • and the scenery of colorful seasons, such as autumn

Beautiful waterfalls Waterfalls - always worth a picture

Study Now

According to photography experts at, you can find many photography courses in Sydney. These courses span different areas of photography, such as

Travel photography in Australia - Outback Outback Australia

These skills can be applied in just about any part of the world, but they are particularly applicable to Australia, because the country is so beautiful.

As an Australian photography website, Study Now has much to offer Australian photography students. The school has a number of degree programs available. Students can get Associate's diplomas in photography.

To attain any type of photography degree, students must take courses in digital photography. The school boasts that a knowledge of digital photography can help you make anywhere from $500 to $2,500 each week. You can make this much from running a photography studio out of your own home.

The digital photography course offered at the school requires students to watch a DVD called "How to Start Making Money from Digital Photography". This start-up visual lesson will help you in your quest to begin a career in the ever-evolving field of digital photography. This is a home-based course, so most course material will be covered by the DVD. Photojournalism and photographic technology are also hot areas of study at Study Now.

Of course, these are not the only Sydney photography courses offering great opportunities to the hopeful photography student.

Photography courses Sydney

Mark Gray

Mark Gray of Gray Landscape Photography also offers photography workshops. Gray is an internationally-renowned landscape photographer. Gray also offers Australian photography tours. Students of this workshop get to visit beautiful areas of Australia from the comfort of an air-conditioned shuttle bus.

Gray also offers a workshop called Perfect Perth.

This on the road workshop takes students on a ride, so they can take landscape photographs that look like those taken by professionals. Perfect Perth is great for both the amateur an experienced photographer. The course takes you through the winding roads of this beautiful city, making it an adventure for the just about anyone!

Finding the right photography course in Australia is not a challenge, especially when you have so many options. The biggest hurdle is choosing the course you want, because there are so many great ones available. Of course, finding one that fits your needs depends on you and your dreams. Your mind can take you there!