Photography Courses Scotland

For example, a man named Colin Prior offers a workshop called Photography Holidays in Scotland. The focus is on "wild places and wild light". Prior is recognized by many as the top landscape photographer in the entire U.K. He and his expert coaches do their best to help students capture "the essence of wild places".

With this type of program the student must be willing to walk long distances and remain outside for a period of time. This is the only way to get the images that the Scottish landscape offers.

Of course this sort of travel/holiday photography course in Scotland comes with other benefits, including local cuisine, world-class restaurants and accommodations and the chance to experience some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Castle of St. Andrews, Scotland Castle of St. Andrews, Scotland

Edinburgh Photography Courses

You may also want to try the courses offered in Edinburgh by Susan Heaton. Her courses are the "practical, hands-on approach to learning photography". The programs are offered in group settings and one-on-one with a professional coach. Learning is tailored to all levels of expertise.

The Heaton programs and many like it are divided into several distinct levels. The beginning course puts emphasis on learning basic skills while the "developing skills" course takes the education one step further. The student learns details of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, metering and much more.

One-on-one courses are fine-tuned to fit the individual. Some students want further instruction in portrait photography and studio lighting while others need assistance with digital editing, Photoshop and related areas.

Workshops are enjoyable because of the group setting. Each session has a particular subject or focus, with entry requirements based on the skill level of the individual.

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It's Natural!!

A complete set of workshops and short courses is offered in the northeastern section of Scotland. These programs have proven to be among the most popular of the photography courses Scotland. Students at all skill levels have the opportunity to "enjoy the great outdoors, culture and history" of this part of the country.

Students interact closely with professional photographers, tourism officials and local, non-profit organisations. This unique setting provides the student with much more than new photography skills. The workshops are a cultural learning experience.

Of course, there is no shortage of instruction in technical skills, image editing and manipulation and visualization. The courses are available for one day, a weekend, an evening session or for individuals who wish to spend just a few hours one-on-one with a professional. Camera equipment can be made available if the student doesn't have his or her own equipment. Class sizes are held to four persons or less to allow as much individual instruction as possible.

It's Digital!

One of the key subjects for students in photography courses Scotland is the use of digital equipment. Not only does the traveling student get to enjoy beautiful scenery and expert guidance in capturing images they also become comfortable with digital equipment. Courses specific to digital technology are offered in several locations, with one of the most popular being in Aberdeen.

Class size is held to four persons, with emphasis on capturing digital images of the coastline and a remarkable place called Winter Gardens. A full day (seven hours) comes with a tuition cost of £175. The price includes lunch. This workshop and others like it fill up quickly. It is wise to make reservations well ahead of time.

Related courses are offered in digital processing. A full-day workshop "provides you with great tools to enhance your photographs in the most efficient way." This Clifton Mair course is also £175.

University Instruction

Long-term photography programs are also available at several universities in Scotland. These obviously provide a completely different atmosphere for learning, though college courses generally provide plenty of outdoor and on-site time with the camera as well. Tuition costs vary but a student wishing to study photography long term in Scotland should plan to spend several thousand British pounds.

No matter which path you choose you are sure to be wiser and more skilled as a photographer.

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