Photography Courses London

When it comes to photography courses in London be sure to take time to investigate all the good choices in this world-class city. As we mentioned, there are courses at all levels, ranging from formal college study to half-day workshops and seminars. We are not recommending or reviewing any particular course but we will provide a few examples.

Zoom In is "a popular not-for-profit school for photography, enabling both individuals and community groups from the Greater London area to explore and engage with all aspects and all levels of photography."

As you look at this non-profit option consider the wide variety of courses offered, including basic photography classes offered in the evening or on the weekend. If you want to get to another level in your photography life, check out the darkroom training available at Zoom In.

This organization and many others offer courses that will help you learn to use your camera more efficiently. Some of these introductory programs include Photoshop instruction as well. If you need to go beyond camera and darkroom to the level of professional photography you might consider studio lighting courses or location lighting programs offered under the photography courses London banner.

London skyline London skyline in winter

Photofusion - London's independent photography resource centre

Photofusion might be yet another option in this major U.K. city. We offer this example to give you a choice that is quite different from the non-profit programs mentioned earlier. Photofusion is serious study but the results might be just what you're looking for. Billed as "London's largest independent photography resource centre," this business provides studio, darkroom, processing and exhibition facilities in addition to courses for everyone from amateur to professional.

One of the interesting items here is the vision:

Photofusion is moving increasingly into the field of training for disenchanted young people who may have been alienated by formal education, and are working in collaboration with a number of community and arts organisations to help people access arts training and gain skills for the workplace.

London School of Photography

A third example that will help you understand photography courses London is the London School of Photography, providing "high quality adult education and training in photography" with classes every day and in the evening. Programs may fall under the course category or the workshop category.

Administrators and staff members have set their sights on providing a unique method in photography education, focusing not on formal classroom training so much as on a natural flow of information that is called "direct personal discovery. The LSP method is more like coaching than teaching, more like conversation than lecture."

To give you an idea of what the costs might be for formal training of this type, we offer the list from the London School of Photography.

  • A Monday through Friday photography course is £595.

  • Weekend photography workshops are £295, as are the evening photography workshops.

  • The studio photography master class is £695.

Royal College of Art in London

Finally, you might want to learn more about the Royal College of Art, which is certainly among the world's top art and design schools. The gathering of staff and students is

an internationally renowned community of artists, designers and academics who play significant role in the shaping of modern culture.

This well-known school not only offers top-level programs in fine art and in design but also provides opportunities to learn the science and art of professional photography. The academy maintains "dedicated technical facilities and research centres." With a Royal Charter granted in 1967, this school has been able to place more than 90 percent of its graduates in their chosen fields.

Photography courses London - final thoughts

One of the best features of photography courses in London is the proximity to so many fascinating places. The U.K. is almost a living museum, with London as the centre of this unique and interesting world.

Studying photography in this city will be one of the best experiences of your life. While you are fine-tuning your photographic skills and improving the chances of making a comfortable living you will be learning about the culture of one of the world's oldest civilizations.

As we mentioned at the start, the problem is not finding photography courses in London but making a choice from among the excellent "menu." Take your time, study the options and prepare for a great educational experience.