Photography Courses Edinburgh

When you start planning your travels, why not include a day or two for learning more about photography in one of the fascinating older cities of the world. The surrounding landscape is beautiful and stark at the same time. The city is home to excellent photo workshops, college programs and plenty of opportunities to enjoy this fascinating metropolis.

One of the key features of photography courses Edinburgh is the hands-on approach taken by the instructors. Classes are intentionally small, to give each student plenty of one-on-one time with the professional.

As you learn how to capture more enticing images you will also have access to great restaurants and accommodations. A learning visit to Edinburgh is sure to be a memorable experience.

The professionals who develop courses for this great city understand that there are many levels of expertise. Each course is designed to provide the maximum amount of information at the appropriate pace.

Beginning courses emphasize basic skills, a perfect way to build a foundation for more advanced studies. You will learn more about shutter speed, metering, use of indoor and outdoor light, and much more as you progress.

Edinburgh city center Edinburgh city center

Long Term Study

If a brief workshop or weekend option among photography courses Edinburgh aren't enough you can always choose one of the university-level programs in the city. These courses of study are available at a number of universities across the country.

Edinburgh is a perfect place to enhance your skills and enjoy the fascinating Scottish culture.

A Few Examples

A short course that will give you plenty of information about smaller digital cameras has a cost of £60 in a small-group setting. You may also choose the one-on-one course for £75. The class lasts four hours, a perfect length to fit into your travel schedule.

Courses such as this are great for the amateur and the beginner since it concentrates on using the compact camera with its preset modes.

A course that takes you to the next step emphasizes the use of the digital, single-lens reflex camera. It is also available in a group setting or one-on-one. The landscape course (£95) is only offered one-on-one with the instructor.

One of the more popular choices among photography courses Edinburgh are the photography walks or days-out. With a tuition cost in of about £75, these courses usually cover a five-hour or six-hour period through the day, with lunch break.

You may select from choices such as bayside scenery, Old Town Edinburgh, government buildings with a history and so on. The courses fill up quickly so it's best to plan well ahead.

Edinburgh Photographic Society

This organization is a great resource for all things related to photography in this great city. You don't have to be an expert or a professional to have this experience. The society has a complete program of courses and events for those interested in digital photography as well as film photography.

Visitors to Edinburgh are invited to visit the society's location and to sit in on meetings to determine what really interests the visitor about the city and photography. The center is located at 68 Great King Street in New Town. While you're in the city for a photography course you may want to visit the society's main hall, state-of-the-art darkrooms and the fascinating library.

While in Edinburgh you may want to make contact with Stills, the first gallery in the country to focus completely on contemporary photography. The gallery also offers photography residencies for artist development, special events and discussions, specialized training in workshops, open-access on a reservation basis for use of technical facilities and much more.

Just a bit of research shows that Edinburgh offers a wide range of workshops and short courses that will help you improve your photography skills.

Not only are you sure to enhance your technical ability you will learn a lot about the country, the great city and its culture.

Select a group short-course, a one-on-one session or a walking tour with a larger group and you are sure to be a better photographer. You will also have a lot of fun doing it!