Photography Courses Dublin

Where do you start when you are searching for photography courses Dublin? It's a legitimate question, because there are so many opportunities. Why not begin with the aptly named Gallery of Photography located in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. The name is enough to entice travellers, tourists and, of course, photographers.

Courses and workshops are available for beginners, those with intermediate skills and individuals with considerable experience in photography. Based in Dublin's city centre, the professionals at the gallery offer such courses as Introduction to B&W Photography.

This is "an introduction to the basic functions of the camera, film processing, working with available light, and basic printing techniques." As the name implies, the instruction focuses on the fascinating techniques required to produce black-and-white photos.

Of course you have the option to learn about digital photography and image editing with a course that helps you "explore the potential offered by Photoshop" after you have captured your images.

You may want to select a course on studio photography and portrait photography or learn more about advanced printing techniques.

Whatever your area of interest you are sure to come away from the Gallery of Photography with enhanced photography skills.

Hapenny bridge in Dublin, Ireland Hapenny bridge in Dublin, Ireland

Join the Club

Another great choice for photography courses Dublin is the Dublin Camera Club on Lower Camden Street. The club offers a "comprehensive range of facilities and activities, including:

  • Lectures and meetings
  • Two fully equipped darkrooms
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Exhibition gallery
  • Social events

The club is considered the one of the best places to go for evening classes and has numerous workshops and photography-related activities on weekends. Courses include Beginners Photography Course, Darkroom courses, Studio courses, Digital Software courses and Documentary Workshop.

As if that wasn't enough, there are courses offered at Barlow House (Old Garda Station) and Peoples' College in Parnell Square West that range in price from €95.00 to €110.00. The schedule generally includes seven classes that last approximately one hour each on a weekday evening.

There are beginner's courses, digital camera courses and even a separate program for learning how to use electronic flash. Paul Murray's program uses a "step by step approach to ensure understanding at each stage of all procedures. Using this approach will enable you to look at photography in a different light."

Going to School

You may also want to look into one of the long-term programs offered at the college level or get more information about the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and its popular School of Media. This program has "earned an international reputation for innovating new courses."

There are several undergraduate programmes that focus on photography, media arts and journalism. In addition, the school offers a Master of Arts course that features both hands-on work and traditional academic classroom time.

As the DIT Web site states, "Both our graduate and postgraduate students produce award-winning work, with very high levels of success in taking top prizes and special honours in competitions. These include national and international film festivals, and student competitions sponsored by professional associations, such as the Royal Television Society."

As if that wasn't enough, there are several other college-level programs available in Dublin. These include:

  • Griffith College Dublin – BA in Photographic Media

  • Limerick College of Further Education – Diploma in Photography

  • Stillorgan College of Further Education – Diploma in Photography

  • Sallynoggin College of Further Education – Diploma in Photography

  • Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design & Technology – BA (Honours) in Photography

  • Waterford College of Further Education – Journalism and Photography

  • Carlow Institute of Further Education – Media Production & Photography

While this amount of information my seem a bit overwhelming there are experienced professionals at each school or workshop who can help you decide which short-term or long-term course is best for your needs.

If you want to touch up your picture-taking skills a bit and enjoy the great city of Dublin you can certainly do that. If you decide a more comprehensive school program is right for you there are plenty of those available too.

In any case, visit Dublin, learn more about photography and capture memories and images that will last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this article on photography courses Dublin!