Photography Courses Brisbane

In the city of Brisbane, Australia, you will find many wonders-breathtaking skylines, beautiful rivers, and an overall picturesque beauty. For students pursuing photography, this is a huge draw.

Not only do they have the opportunity to pursue their career goals - they also have a chance to soak up the wonders the city has to offer. And for photography students, finding photography courses Brisbane is a big thing.

Located just between Sydney and Queensland, Brisbane is a bustling city-one that is rich with crystal blue waters, graceful creatures and the buildings that light up city streets!

Yes, Brisbane is a wonder for many people, and photography students are no different. Every year, photography students flock to Brisbane from every corner of the globe, hoping to be a part of photography workshops and courses.

Beautiful skyline of Brisbane Photography courses Brisbane - beautiful skyline

Courses in Brisbane are not only offered at universities; they are also offered by professionals in the form of traveling workshops.

Photography retreats are quite popular, too. According to Blue Dog Photography, photography workshops, retreats and courses are very popular among both beginners and novices alike. Those who teach these courses are very passionate about photography, and this is reflected in the way they teach and introduce you to nature in Brisbane.

Practical photography courses...

According to Blue Dog, these courses are "hands on" and "practical" in the sense that they are straightforward and encourage students to learn through first-hand experience!

Courses offered at Blue Dog take a high tech to student ratio and usually have more tutors than students. This provides a more personalized education. Students who work closely with professionals generally learn more quickly and acquire more skills than those who learn solely through lectures and textbooks.

Blue Dog offers courses both on the Gold Coast and in Toowoomba. Students can take courses on many aspects of photography. One example of such courses is a one-day photography course for teenagers.

There is a maximum of seven students for this course, so students get a comprehensive experience and a lot of instruction. The goal of this is to get teenagers who are interested in photography out of the house.

That way, they can be immersed in the full photography experience.

Specific photography courses available...

Students can also take courses on field depth and real estate photography. Real estate courses are also offered. Real estate photography courses begin with a Power Point presentation on what skills are needed to be a photographer.

These include how to use equipment, lighting, exposures and marketing as an advertising tool. Real estate photography is hot all around the world, primarily because there is always a need to sell homes. However, it is important to photograph houses in a way that is attractive to prospective buyers.

However, Blue Dog is not the only Brisbane-based school offering courses in photography. At other Brisbane photography schools, you can take courses in digital photography, and Photoshop.

The Brisbane College of Photography, Adobe Photoshop and Art

The Brisbane College of Photography and Art has a diversity of course offerings to help both the beginning and experienced photography student.

The school offers an introductory SLR camera course that teaches you how to use a traditional SLR or digital film cameras.

Through this course, you will learn the basics of how to use your camera, exposure techniques and ISO ratings. This eight-week program lasts for two hours each day.

You can also take workshops on seascape photography, digital black and white photos and lighting.

Excellent black and white portrait of a woman Excellent black and white portrait

You can also take courses on the different levels of Photoshop. On the school's website, you will find photographs of nature, including pictures of the deep sea, picturesque skies and water crashing on rocks. The school is an excellent choice for international students in search of beauty and inspiration.

Not surprisingly, Brisbane is home to a wealth of highly-desired photography courses. is yet another school that offers courses in photography. This school takes a different approach to photography. It offers courses on how to photograph people in a way that "captures joy". This helps give pictures a whimsical feel that creates light-hearted emotions.

It is easy to find photography courses Brisbane, especially when the city is booming with beauty and opportunities to succeed as a professional photographer.