Photography Classes Tampa

Many students think of New York, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Madrid and other leading cities of the world when they are looking for the right photography program.

But did you know that Tampa, Florida has a number of excellent academy programs, university-level programs and summer courses that focus on professional photography?

Not only will you enjoy the fine weather in this southern coastal city you will have time to uncover some of the hidden secrets of this historic metropolis. Among the excellent opportunities for photography classes Tampa are the Digital Photo Academy (DPA) workshops hosted in the studios of Sam Johnston and Christine Reynolds.

You'll benefit from years of experience with both pros. Johnston has operated a studio on Estrella Street for nearly three decades. Reynolds' Armenia Street studio features her work in several fields, such as commercial photography, weddings and fine art photography.

These are just two of the DPA sites in the U.S. under the watchful eye of Richard Rabinowitz and R2Rainmaker, his company. He has carefully chosen a number of photographers to help build the curriculum and work as instructors.

Students have regularly commented on the expertise with which instructors sort out

"the complexities of setting up a digital camera."

This is a year-round program with individual classes beginning at $50. Advanced instruction and digital manipulation have a tuition cost of $150.

Tampa downtown, Florida Tampa downtown, Florida

Photography Degree Opportunities

The International Academy of Design and Technology is another fine example of the photography classes Tampa that will prepare you for a successful career. This school offers both an associate degree in Professional Photography and a bachelor degree in photography (BFA).

The associate degree program begins with traditional skills and progresses to some of the more advanced, "emerging technical skills" in the digital-photography field.

Training is offered in

  • commercial,
  • advertising,
  • portrait and wedding photography
  • as well as in photojournalism.

Image manipulation, lighting and sports photography are also areas of emphasis in the associate program.

Bachelor of Fine Arts program

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at this academy focuses on such areas as lighting in the studio and on location, use of imaging software, technical skills, image manipulation and media production. Students are encouraged to develop their own style in the degree programs, which allows them to bring their own vision to the work.

Courses include:

  • portraiture

  • video

  • imaging software

  • commercial photography

  • clients and communications

  • business launch

  • marketing for photographers and much more.

Students complete a senior professional photography portfolio as part of the advanced degree course.

Summer Challenge

In the Tampa Bay Summer Photography Workshops the emphasis is on youth. While there are numerous summer and year-round courses for adults and those who hope to become professionals, this series focuses on teaching younger people the challenge and enjoyment of photography.

Tuition for the program is $250. Classes are held six hours per day, Monday through Friday. Instructors limit class size so that they can devote maximum attention to each student. Organizers encourage parents to

"bring your kids even bring yourself. I have room for kids and parents to learn together."

Among the areas studied are:

  • composition

  • lighting

  • camera techniques

  • digital imaging tips and tricks

  • Adobe Elements

  • and much more.

Students are allowed to enroll for a week, for multiple weeks or for a complete program of summer instruction.

There's More!

You can always find out more about photography classes in Tampa by contact the city's Photographic Art Society. The lead instructor has been in the business for nearly 40 years. He specializes in teaching digital imaging, computer-file management, Photoshop and Adobe Elements and many other areas.

Whether you want to take individual courses in a fun, summer setting, study with serious professionals in a studio or attend classes in one of the academy or university programs you have the choice in Tampa!

It's a city with a lot to offer, from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico to historic sections that draw history and architecture students. Take some time to learn about photography classes Tampa.

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