Penn Foster Global

Among the key elements that attract students to Penn Foster Global are:

  • Affordable Tuition and materials costs

  • Convenience: Materials sent to your home

  • Recognized leader in at-home education

  • Strong support from staff

Penn Foster puts strong emphasis on providing focused training that will prepare the student for a competitive market. Programs feature true hands-on experience and the latest technology.

The courses are "designed for busy people" who don't have time to get involved in a formal classroom program.

One of the keys to this school's success is the enrollment process that is available on the Web site. Penn Foster's career programs serve enough clients to make it one of the largest of its kind. It's been around for decades "to empower adult learners" who want to advance their current careers or want to change careers.

Career programs are offered in more than 50 areas, including:

  • Animal Care
  • Appliance
  • Art
  • Basic Electronics
  • Carpenter
  • Computer Graphic Artist
  • Dressmaking and Design
  • Electrician
  • Freelance Writer
  • High School Diploma
  • HVAC Technician
  • Interior Decorator
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Motorcycle Repair Technician
  • Paralegal
  • Photographer
  • Public Relations
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Wildlife/Forestry Conservation and many more

"Photography Program"

Penn Foster Global has a popular photography training program designed to be used

"at home, at your own pace with Penn Foster."

The plan is intended to be completed in a matter of months. Specific items covered are:

  • Camera basics
  • Lighting for photography
  • Image design
  • Studio setup
  • Business skills for the photography business
  • Digital photography techniques
  • Video techniques
  • Color printing
  • Black-and-white printing
  • Slide production

Many graduates go to work with an established portrait studio, work for an advertising agency or newspaper, or even start their own studio or photography business.

The photography curriculum is made up of seven "instruction sets" that take the student through all the necessary techniques and skills.

As soon as a student completes online enrollment, the first set is sent to their home. When exams are completed and submitted, other sets are sent to get the next round of study started.

"Details of the instruction sets are:"

  • Set 1: Establishing a study method that will work for the individual student. Learning to use the study tools and learning about the opportunities in a photography career.

  • Set 2: Handling the camera; loading film, focus, angle, camera shutter, exposure; the nature of light.

  • Set 3: Daylight and available light photography; proper flash exposure; studio lighting; choosing a subject and determining the purpose of each photograph.

  • Set 4: Image design; personal style, linear design; developing and processing.

  • Set 5: Facilities, equipment and materials; using the enlarger; develop, stop and wash; finishing, mounting and storage of photographs; color printing and slides

  • Set 6: Joy of Photography study guide - shapes, lines, patterns, textures, composition; presentation skills.

  • Set 7: Digital photography; video photography; business skills.

The program includes a Graduation Set: The Photographer's Market and How You Can Make $25,000 a Year With Your Camera.

"College Opportunity"

Penn Foster Global's structure includes a college opportunity accredited by the state of Arizona. This institution offers associate degrees in accounting, business management, civil engineering technology, criminal justice, early childhood education, marketing, retail management and several more areas.

Undergraduate certificates are offered in accounting, business management, general studies and human resources.

With home study, "class" starts as soon as you receive materials. Some students take up to 12 months to complete a course of study, while others move more quickly. You must have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in degree programs. Penn Foster also offers a high school program.

Courses are designed with the non-traditional student in mind. Many students fear they may not be able to complete the course satisfactorily because they have been away from formal education for so long.

But home study makes this less stressful.

Each program includes all the books and materials needed. No additional cost is involved (except a pen and writing paper). Some programs include a resident laboratory segment. There is a lab fee for these courses.

Contact Details

Penn Foster Global Career School
P.O. Box 1900
Scranton, PA 18515

For More Information or to Enroll Call: 1-570-961-4060