Part Time Photography Course

For example, the growing interest in evening classes and weekend programs has prompted such organizations as the International Center of Photography to offer evening courses in Manhattan (New York City).

In the same general area several New York and Connecticut colleges and high schools offer photography evening courses and/or weekend photography courses.

This is common around the world, so part time photography classes are within your reach.

Many former students of the International Center of Photography give glowing recommendations. Others note that similar part time classes are available at other area schools as well. Prices vary widely depending on the location you choose.

Others in the eastern part of the United States choose The New School in Greenwich Village (New York City). This school offers several courses for credit as well as non-credit courses. You may find the School of Visual Arts is a good choice in this category as well.

Across the Ocean

If you are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean you may want to look at All Things Photography for your part-time photography course. This group offers such classes as a one-day wedding photography course for beginners.

Located in Weymouth, England, All Things Photography's beginner's course for wedding photography is meant to encourage people to get started in this challenging and lucrative field.

The class is held for one day and includes planning before the wedding, actual wedding shoot, working in a local church, discussing and trying camera settings and much more. Instructors also provide helpful advice on business items as well, such as photographer's dress, presentation to the customer etc.

This one-day course has a tuition cost of £195 (a bit more if you need overnight accommodations). If group classes don't fit your schedule you may be able to arrange a one-on-one class with a professional from All Things Photography. This choice obviously allows you to get more detailed information and individual critique from the instructor.

Typical cost for a one-on-one experience such as this is £450. Two days can be arranged for about £750.

Another Great Location - Photography Courses in India!

In keeping with our theme of part time photography courses offered by organizations and professionals outside the traditional university/college setting, we take a look at photography courses available in Mumbai, India.

The key here is to understand that great opportunities for part-time learning are available around the world.

The list of opportunities includes a highly rated digital photography course, an online photography course, basic courses and part-time study options. Professionals work with you through the Internet to help you take better photos, both indoor and outdoor.

Subjects include:

  • weddings

  • nature

  • product photography

  • glamour and modeling

  • and micro-photography etc.

A typical course might last three months with fees from 5,000 rupees to 12,000 rupees. The umbrella organization that offers these courses, SDC, is available in more than 200 countries. The core of this program is several dozen ebooks.

Because the program is conducted in digital photography mode the student can send photographs to the instructor or school director for review and grading. This allows the part time photography course to be shortened considerably.

SDC maintains an archive of a minimum of 2,000 photos by world-class photographers so that students can learn from viewing images produced by the best. Thousands of additional photographs from students and others are also available for educational purposes.

You Can Make Money

Some online photography schools and small local photography programs not only emphasize the learning experience they also focus on how you can get involved in a lucrative profession.

For example, Not Your Normal Photography School (nice name!), helps students choose lucrative markets in which to work.

Instructors also focus on getting quality equipment at low prices to keep your investment level low. Emphasis is placed on marketing your photography business and on avoiding mistakes by learning from the experience of others.

To put it in simple terms - the choices among part time photography courses are many. Just about all of them will lead you to a challenging and enjoyable hobby or career!

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