The New York School of Photography

The New York School of Photography (NYIP) has been in business for 100 years. And even after a century, it is still considered one of the nation's top photography schools!

Today, NYIP is celebrating its 100-year history by sponsoring a slideshow of photos taken by former graduates on the school's website.

This competition selected some of the best photos taken by these graduates, who have since succeeded in the field of photography.

Photos featured in this lineup were taken by a variety of photo professionals, including photojournalists. The photos were all different in the sense that they vary from black and white photos to colorful sunsets.

Of course, the journey to becoming a professional photographer for many began at the front steps of this school! NYIP offers courses in everything from videography to photography basics-basics which led up to the multimedia photography of today. However, the old world has not vanished with new age technology.

New York skyline at night Skyline of New York by night

Taking photographs of people is still popular and offered as a course of study at the school. Outdoor photography and nature courses are also offered. You can also take weather-based photography courses, many of which focus on cold weather.

Cold weather photography often features photos of snow-capped mountain ranges and snowy scenes with subtle shades of sunlight.

The school has its own suggestions for cold weather photographers. Not only are cold weather photographer plagued with runny noses and ice cold fingers; they must also wear apparel that helps them exist comfortably in cold environments. For many, this means wearing warm boots and dressing in layers, so snow does not reach your skin.

Different types of photography courses available

You can also take photography courses that specialize in photographing lunar eclipses and New York City tourism. The nice thing about taking such courses is that it spices up your portfolio and shows you have experience in different environments and with different kinds of photos.

You can read about each course the school offers by visiting their website. You will also find sample photos that reflect what is taught in that particular course. Hot air balloon photography courses are also offered.

New York school of photography is chosen by hopeful photographers, because of the school's long-standing positive reputation. Under some circumstances, tuition is tax deductable. However, your tax advisor will be able to tell you whether or not this applies to you.

You will need special photography equipment to attend this school. A point and shoot camera is the most basic and necessary piece of equipment (a digital SLR camera is even better). However, digital courses require you to buy Adobe Photoshop.

Benefits of this photography school

According to many students in 2009, NYIP has helped them fulfill their educational goals. Many NYIP students have been successful in producing high quality digital images for their courses, and report getting great feedback from. One student said they took courses that were on both CD and DVD. Many students have been pleased with the school's affordability when compared to other photography institutions.

Other students received free equipment after signing up for a course. The school has also given students free camera bags before they even start courses. The nice thing about this is that it gives you a jump start on your photography career and study.

NYIP's website offers tips on how to take photos in different atmospheres, such as on a football field and how to take romantic photos. The romantic photos went along with a Valentine's theme for the month of February.

By visiting the school's student center on the school's website you find discounts on Ritz Camera equipment. The New York School of Photography worked out a deal with for students to buy Ritz Camera equipment at a student discount rate. This is part of the school's efforts to make education more affordable to students. Under this discount program, students can save seven percent on products that are essential to an NYIP education. This only applies to the Ritz Camera website, though.

If you want to pursue a serious career in photography, you have a variety of schools to choose one. Each comes with its own allure, its own specialty. Some are located in big commercial areas that are close to trendy, booming areas.

But the New York School of Photography has been helping students picture their careers for 100 years, and it shows no sign of turning off the window of opportunity to a photography career!

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