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Finding the right photography school for you often depends upon where you live. Just about every country and corner of the United States has some sort of workshop or school devoted to the field of photography. If you live in the US northeast, you may want to look into the New England School of Photography.

Situated back in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, the school is home to a variety of course programs and areas of study to benefit the serious photography student.

It seems that every photography school around the globe has something different to offer-exotic locations, specialized areas of photography, and even in the studio courses that immerse you in the true photography experience.

Many schools offer traditional course programs that span across four years of education and three-month semesters. The New England School of Photography, however, has something unique to give their students.


Instead of requiring students to get a traditional four-year degree, the school offers two-year programs in professional photography. The school's Professional Photography Program is anything but typical. Called the NESOP Program, this course of study focuses not only on traditional photography curricula; it offers sixty-week programs.

These programs focus on "hands-on instruction," camera technology, and lectures on many aspects of photography.

This gives students a real-world experience of photography, not to mention they have a lot of time to learn the material. If you find yourself looking into the New England School of Photography, bear in mind that the school is a preferred option for local students and those from other parts of the country.

Those who attend the school also have the opportunity to use camera equipment that is currently used by professionals.

The ESOP program covers all aspects of photography

According to the school, the ESOP Program is preferred by many students, because it gives them a more comprehensive understanding of photography. Plus, it is much shorter than your typical photography education. This program also enables students to get a truly comprehensive feel for photography. It covers everything from the technical to creative aspects of the trade.

The New England School of Photography also offers workshops and a number of other activities to help students advance in a photography career. You will also learn business aspects of photography, which will help you run your own studio and advance in future business endeavors.

Studio photography Studio photography

Within your two years at the college, you will need to take a number of required courses, all of which touch upon necessary aspects of photography.

During your first term, you will need to take a course called "Introduction to Digital Capture." This course is a basic introduction to equipment-one which teaches you how to use SLR cameras.

You will also learn the basic technicalities of using digital cameras. Covering topics, such as shutter speed and ISO, the course is ideal for the beginner.

"Digital Workflow" is yet another essential course to the school's curriculum. This course helps students develop their own system and approach to photography. This is especially helpful for students hoping to set up and run their own studio. The list of courses available is quite extensive, of course.

Currently, the school has roughly 150 students, all of whom learn about equipment and industry practices. Students also have access to state of the art facilities. Classes are also relatively small and give students a more personalized learning experience. Not only do you have these benefits; you also have the ability to network with professional photographers.

Student galleries

Student galleries are also a big part of the school. Student galleries feature photos of elaborate scenes, such as a young girl walking up an elaborate stairway.

There are many benefits to living on campus. Students get to live in the historical part of Boston. This trendy, vibrant metropolis is close to the city's historical district. Home of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, this trendy little vista is a haven for photographers.

The field of photography is one of the few careers that are flourishing in today's hard economic times. And for serious photography students, the New England School of Photography is the place to be.

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New England School of Photography
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Phone: (617) 437-1868, (800) 67-NESOP [800-676-3767]


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