Learn Glamour Photography - A "Revealing" Study

Learn glamour photography at your own risk. Don't be fooled into thinking that this "glittery" pastime has much to do with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Believe it or not, this "steamy" genre is a branch of photography, whereby the subject (usually female), is photographed in 'romantic' or sensually alluring poses to titillate the voyeuristic senses of some viewers.

Why voyeuristic?

That's because the subjects are snapped in either semi-nude poses or, sexually alluring positions.

This genre of photography stops short of being labeled as pornography due to its very careful insistence on semi nudity. This means that the photographer makes sure that the prostrating "lady" does not display parts of her anatomy which could deliberately arouse the perver...I mean, observer.

The subjects are typically professional models and the photographs are usually intended for commercial use like calendars and pinups.

Glamour girl in a mask Glamour girl in a mask

Even though, posing for such risque photographs might mean modeling nude or partially clothed, glamour photography stops short of being pornographic.


This type of photography relies on the power of suggestion by only alluding to curves tastefully hidden from full view. Graphic details only serve to turn off the serious viewer and should be avoided.

In days of yore, this photography "wonder" was associated with French Postcards which were sold by street vendors in France. This trend culminated in the production of the pin up, a poster which depicted scantily clad women caught in a surprised or playful pose, inviting the viewer with a come-hither look.

These pictures were a hot commodity during the Second World War with the most famous pin up model being Betty Garble.

Why "glamour"?

The term "glamour" was first used in the 50s, by the folks in merry old England to refer to the scantily clad Pamela Green pictures printed in the pinup magazine Kamera. On the insistence of this semi clothed beauty, Harrison Marks, the publisher of the magazine, was encouraged to take up glamour photography, giving birth to this nudist's dream.

The other name for glamour photography is "boudoir photography", an alias which doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Incidentally, a boudoir refers to a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. However, the glamour photographer uses this term for his/her purposes to transform a simple bedroom scene into a steamy one.

Pin up girl in haystack Pin up girl in haystack

Some young brides use these alluring images (of themselves) to surprise their future husbands. Makes one sorry for the poor chap who wants to learn glamour photography, but finds himself at the mercy of a shotgun toting fiance.

This is also the reason why this genre was frowned upon. However, in the modern era, glamour photography has attained new heights with the advent of Playboy.

Playboy changed the world of glamour photography

Playboy, the dream come true for the voyeuristically inclined, changed the world of glamour photography. This page-turner gained popularity by being the first magazine which not only featured nude models, but was also targeted at a mainstream audience.

The first edition was published in 1953 with the lovable Marilyn Monroe featured on the cover, muting the public outcry somewhat. Needless to say, the image of glamour photography did a complete about face in terms of accessibility and acceptance after this magazine was published.

As mentioned before, in the modern era, this type of photography is perceived as an art form. By observing it as such, producers of this genre of photography make sure that they do not cross censorship lines when it comes to taking acceptable pictures of scantily clad women.

This has been made especially easy due to the influence of several photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, which allow the photographer to touch up or modify static imperfections. Using this software makes it easy to add light effects to make the contours of the model's body more appealing to the viewer.

Pin up girl in black and white Black and white pin-up

The brush option also allows the subtle removal of any imperfections the model might have or which the peeping Tom might find unattractive.

If you want to learn glamour photography, its best to thoroughly research this controversial genre first before venturing into any bedrooms. Always remember to keep as much emotional distance from the alluring model as you can if you don't want a lawsuit on your head. A hands on approach is a big no no if you don't want to eat your food through a straw for the rest of your life.

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