Landscape Photography Courses

Landscape photography is a huge part of the field of media today. It's in museums, on city billboards, and on the sides of busses zipping through every town around the world. And so, it comes as no surprise that landscape photography courses are readily available just about everywhere.

Workshops, seminars, and traditional classes abound in every corner of the world.

Beautiful lake with green water in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Use natural resources such as blades of grass to spice up your photo

By the way, I made this shot in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. National Parks in general are a fantastic idea to practise your landscape photography skills.

Everywhere you turn, you see billboards, paintings, and buildings that feature landscape pictures. Because of this, students see photography courses as an opportunity to expand their horizons. However, such classes are not limited to college students alone. Professionals in the field are also quite interested.

Small waterfalls flowing into a nice green lake. Overwhelming natural beauty

Of course, getting the real picture takes time!

Many websites offer digital landscape workshops. The Digital Landscape Workshop series is one such website. Workshops offered by the organization take place in various cities around the United States.

One of these workshops is scheduled to be held in Moab, Utah. Here, the seminar will span across three days-from May 9 to May 12, 2010. Guests of the workshop will stay at the Red Cliffs Lodge.

The Digital Landscape Workshop held their first workshop in Moab back in 2003.

This area is characterized by

  • rolling landscapes,

  • picturesque rock structures,

  • and barreling canyons.

The area is so beautiful, experts say, that visitors can barely resist taking pictures from their lodges. Moab is located along the Colorado River, which makes it a tourist attraction for visitors to both Colorado and Utah alike.

Of course, the Digital Landscape Workshop series offers workshops in other areas where landscape photography is utilized. Landscape photography courses offered by the organization are also held in New England, specifically in Mt. Washington Vly, New Hampshire.

Here, a landscape photography workshop will be held from September 26 to September 29. Workshops are full in both locations, because of high demand. The New Hampshire workshop will be particularly beautiful, because of the bright fall foliage. Colors of bright red, orange and yellow paint the mountains and make it quite inspiring!

Beautiful mountain range - photographer in front Beautiful mountain range

Many landscape photography courses boast their ability to teach you to be a pro. offers landscape photography courses that allow you to take pictures of everything from rocky mountain ranges to butterflies and cacti. The school's landscape photo galleries feature pictures of people in nature and close-up shots of flowers.

Many landscape photography classes focus on equipment and how to use it. Also included in course curriculums are lessons on how to bring a landscape to life and how to find the right digital camera for landscape photography. Creating depth and uniqueness is another topic covered by landscape photography classes.

Also have a look at out article about landscape photography tips.

Your ultimate goal...visually captivate people!

The goal of landscape photography as a whole is to create photos that visually captivate people - photos that conjure up emotion and a sense of awe. Distance and angling are also important to landscape photography.

Stones at the beach, Vir island Landscape photography - often simple, yet gorgeous

This is why such topics are covered at many schools. Many such courses are available online. In many cases, you can register on the school's website and chat live with professors or school representatives.

The United States is not the only country that is rich in landscape photography. France, one of the most beautiful countries on earth, offers landscape photography classes that center on historic landscapes that were a big part of "the First World War."

According to French photography experts, it is here that much of the modern world came into being. French landscape photography courses in Gallipoli, Verdun, Somme, and Ypres & Passchendaele. Battlefield Vision is a French landscape photography courses offered in the historic battlefields of northern France.

The unique thing about these fields is that they have no breathtaking mountain ranges or rolling rivers. Instead, it is an open field of grass. This, of course, presents a new challenge for photographers. These scenes can be brought to life in other ways.

This class teaches students how to bring forth emotion in landscape photography, regardless of how plain the subject is.

The use of light and other natural wonders add character to photographs produced in this course.

When it comes to landscape photography courses, you have a lot of options. You can take them at traditional universities, online, and also at nature workshops around the world.