Interior Photography Tips

Open any home and garden magazine, and you will see beautifully decorated homes shot from every different angle. Throw pillows, beautiful furniture and elegant lighting cover just about every angle of the room. This is the world of interior photography.

Each year, the field draws in huge sums of money from consumers, putting it in huge demand in a global marketplace.

Have you ever wondered how those pictures are so beautiful?

Thanks to the work of interior photographers, the inside of beautiful homes is brought to life in reader's eyes.

However, interior shooting is not limited to the pages of magazines alone. Interior photography is critical to the retail market, and many interior photographers find themselves taking photos of the inside of stores. This is great as a marketing tool for stores hoping to drum up business.

Also, an interior photographer can help put a modern spin on an ordinary interior photo. Special lighting and angling makes it possible to make a store or commercial object look fresh and new.

Photo of a Cafe interior Cafe interior

Lighting plays a huge role in interior photography. When photographing a home for commercial purposes, special lighting is needed to bring out the true beauty of home interiors or the inside of stores. Interior photography doesn't have to be done solely by the pros. In fact, many home sellers find themselves taking inside photos of their homes, in an effort to make a sale.

Please note: Interior photography is one of the most difficult types of photography, simply because different rules apply, depending on what you are taking pictures of.

If you are photographing a store to draw business, you will need to think about whether you will need to photograph people as well as the store's interior.

If people will be featured, you will need to decide how to place them and how to make them a selling point.


Shooting outdoors? It's recommended not to use a flash.

If you want to take pictures of the outdoors or of architecture, experts recommend not using a flash. Flashes can make it difficult to get proper lighting throughout the whole picture.

Using a wide angle lens will also help you get a broader picture and will give people a more comprehensive view of what you're photographing.

Photo of home interior Home interior

Interior photography can also come from the outside of a building. Many photographers capture images of rooms in homes, simply by taking pictures from the outside. Windows without blinds create a great picture and allow you to see a home's interior from a totally different viewpoint.

Some tips that may help you...

If you're an aspiring interior photographer or already in the field, it never hurts to get a few tips on how to take effective photos. To bring out the best in a room or building's interior, it helps to put a few items in the picture's background.

If you were photographing a store with high shelves, you could place wine bottles in a row. Not only does this create character; it also draws the eye to something other than the entire room. It helps you focus on one aspect of the building's interior.

You will need strobe lights, a tripod and a camera, to work as an interior photographer. You can use ambient light or natural light. The two can be combined to create a more dynamic type of picture. Artificial light can also be used, but you must also make certain that your artificial light works with ambient or natural light.

When you're an interior photographer, it's more important to make the room the "subject of the photograph". Not many people realize how important this is!

I want to repeat the last sentence...

Not many people realize how important this is!

When preparing for an interior photo shoot, you will need to do a few things. First, you must figure out what you will need to make the room look attractive. If you're taking pictures of a home to be sold, you may need to buy extra touches, such as flower arrangements, to give the picture an attractive flair.

It may also help to have both an ambient and fill flash, so light can be projected up toward the ceiling, as opposed to just filling the room. Shooting inside is not the easiest area of photography.

However, you can capture the right image to make it picture perfect.