How to follow my dream for photography

by Hind

Hi, my name is Hind and I'm twenty one years old from Morocco, a girl who just tries to fulfill her new dream.

One night I brought my memo and I started to write and write about my life, then I realized that's not what I wanted - never. After I asked myself an important question I never tried to pose it.


Unfortunately I didn't like it and I don't like who I am now and what I do to live.

After one week I tried so hard to find what I need to make my life succeed. So I posed this questions and then started looking for the good answers.

What I like to do ?
What can I do to improve it ?
What is my best place in the world ?
Where can I get help?

Well I like to take pictures with my phone, friend's camera, and believe me it's natural since my childhood, but I didn't see it that's why I never tried to collect them I wish I had the opportunity to buy a camera and have my own album.

I didn't new in this time if I want to be someone in the future I have to follow what I like, I just study anything from mathematic to agriculture to science computer and now I'm working in another field. Never mind.

Next question, what can I do to improve it ?

Well study it's the important thing we can do to improve our skills.

But where ?

In my favorite place in the world China or Japan. I always wish to go to Asia and see all those incredible places, and know their culture especially this tow country.

What I need now is a good oportunity to study what I want in the first time in my life, I need help to follow my dream. It's very coasting but if only I find a job and study in the same time, or a scholarship. I started taking lessons in English now but I have to take the next step.

What you really have to know about me is when I want to do something nothing can stop me to fulfill it.

So please this is my e-mail if you want give me hand and help me to study photography and realize my own dream or just show me the way to get that.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope I get an answer from you soon.


Best Photography Course's answer

Hi Hind,

let me begin with WOW :-)

That are a lot of questions - but I have to admit that I can really feel your passion and your desire for photography just from your writing!

I think that I have some experience in the photography field and if that helps in any way I am more than happy to share my knowledge with you.

Just let me share some thoughts with you before we tackle your questions. First of all, I think that nearly every human being will come to certain points where we ask ourselfs whether we are still on the right path.

Unfortunately the answer is often "no". We are not on the right "life path". It doesn't even matter if it's about photography - it's a "life question".

I love to follow my passion for photography. I love to write about it and ultimately, I love to help other's with their photography career.

Myself with my Canon EOS 30D camera

Myself with EOS camera on a photography tour

The good news is that you already figured out what you did, where you are at the moment and what you would like to do instead. Now it's important to open your mind, develop a plan and figure out your possibilities.

In the end you just have to do it!

Yes I know that it's easier said than done. But that's life.

Just take BPC ( as an example. Today it's not just a website - it has become a business, a real company that adds value to it's readers.

Was it easy? No. It was very, very, very hard.

There were humps, just like in life!

Was it really worth it?

You can bet on it! BPC is not "work" for me because I LOVE what I do! I think this is something that is a very important success factor. DO WHAT YOU LOVE...and good things will happen :-)

For instance, last year I did a travel photography shooting in Lapad (a district of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia, Europe). I needed a break from shooting so I had my lunch in this amazing restaurant above the Adriatic Ocean. It was a dream!

The view through the glass was breathtaking and I was able to think about the shooting in the afternoon. Of course, one big camera and a smaller point-and-shoot camera is always at hand :-)

What I want to say is that photography is hard work, too. But the fruits of your labour really pay for your efforts - many times. And the memories that you can collect are priceless!

Fantastic view above the Adraitic Sear in Dubrovnik during a photography tour

Photographer's life - enjoying lunch break

Hind, you already know what you want to do for a living, right? You want to become photographer. Hey, you even know WHERE you want to spend your life (in Asia). That's a very important first step if you ask me.

For me it's always helpful to visualize. I do that all the time for BPC with "mind maps".

Mind map for BPC - a great way to visualize your thoughts

You could do the same. Start with a piece of paper. Your starting point could be "my future". Think about things that you could do to reach your goal.

One thing that I find very important is that you should FIRST "build" a solid base from where you can grow.

You need to earn money to pay for the roof over your head, some clothing and food. Those are the basics and now you could think about paths that you can take.

You've been learning English, that is great! Keep learning, improve your language skills. That's very important in case that you want to study abroad (or even start your career in a foreign country like Japan).

And don't forget that the photography business is international. You are always working with people in this business. Just think about your clients, models and crew members at the shooting location.

You have to have the skills to communicate. After all, you are responsible on the set. English is a very important skill that every professional photographer should have!

Sometimes we ALL need the help of others...

Hind, you wrote that this is the first time in your life that you need the help of others. That's not bad. Indeed, we all need the help of others - sometimes. Yes, including me :-)

I would recommend to check out your possibilities to study in Japan or China. But you have to be aware of some things. For instance, a Bachelor of Arts (called "gakushi" in Japan) takes something around 8 semesters - or four years. The master (called "shuushi") takes 3 to 4 semesters or around two years.

The Bachelor of (fine) Arts could be intersting for your. Also, have you heared of "photojournalism"? That's an interesting field because you could work for local newspapers or so at the same time (and you can collect some practical experiences).

I am not an expert in the Japanese academic world. But I bet that they also have scholarship programs for foreign students.

I would do a research on the Internet. There might be some interesting institutes in Japan or China. See what it needs to enroll and contact them.

If you have a goal - a dream - do everything to reach it. Never give up!

All the best,

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