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Picturing your future is a big deal. Not only are you outlining your path as a student - you're defining your career as photography professional. As a student of the Hallmark school of photography, your future rests in the hands of dedicated professors, excellent alumni activities and a host of other great things.

At every turn, there is yet another opportunity to expand upon your hopeful photography career.

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Located along tree-lined roads of Massachusetts and New England, the Hallmark school of photography provides a great campus for students to pave the way to their way into the future. If you live in the New England area, you're probably well aware of the educational opportunities you have available.

Situated at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains, the Hallmark school of photography is within close distance to a number of other universities, including Smith College, Williams College and the University of Massachusetts.

If you don't live in the New England area, you probably have a few questions, the first being,

"Is this school for me?"

The thing that sets the Hallmark school of photography apart from others nearby is its devotion to cutting edge photography technology!

According to school officials, the school offers photography labs with cameras and equipment that are just as good, if not better than equipment at professional photography studios.

Know exactly what you're looking for

If you are shopping for a photography school, it's important to know exactly what you're looking for. In addition to creating a studio-like classroom atmosphere, the school has nearly 200 workstations that feature Apple computers. Students also have access to compact flash systems.

Keyboards in the classroom

Walk into just about any classroom at the university, and you will find a state of the art classrooms set in round stadium seats. This is what the school calls "open-air" classroom atmosphere. This type of classroom is designed with the serious photography student in mind.

Each desk is equipped with a laptop computer. At the center of these classrooms, you will find either a large photograph or screen. This state of the art approach to education allows students to immerse themselves in a studio-like atmosphere.

Many lecture halls feature separate workstations, each of which functions as its own little studio. These classrooms have a warehouse feel, because of their high ceilings.

Of course, atmosphere is not the only thing that makes the Hallmark school of photography enticing to photography students. Founded in the 1970s, the school works to provide students with the technical, business and artistic lessons, to give them an overall feel of what it's like to work as a photographer.

All of these aspects go into this field, of course. This is because you work with camera equipment, meanwhile adding artistic touches to whatever you are taking a picture of.

Chance to get professional experience in the field

According to the school, students are given the opportunity to get professional experience in the field. However, this is not the only plus to attending the school. Courses that immerse you in a photography setting are great, because you learn what it's like to actually work in a photography studio.

Many schools look at your grades from previous schools before letting you in. However, The Hallmark school of photography is not one of them.

The school doesn't look at grades you earned at a previous institution.

Instead, the school focuses on how it can help you attain your goals rather than focusing on previous experience.

This opens up a world of opportunities for prospective students. You do not have to take your SATs to attend the school, either. Only a high school diploma or certificate is necessary. A GED is also acceptable.


Students should be aware of the school's admission requirements. According to school staff, you must keep a few things in mind, when applying. You need to have an in-person interview with a school official before you are accepted as a student.

First of all, you must have an interest in photography, along with an understanding of the school's educational vision and objectives. Your interest in photography must also be stated during this interview or on your application. You must have an interest in the photography field.

The school also requires to letters of recommendation from previous professors or employers. Also bear in mind that there is an application fee of $25.00. There are many ways to get the application started. However, contacting by email is probably the easiest.

To contact the school, you can send an email to info@hallmark.edu. As with most other schools, the Hallmark Institute of Photography requires you to provide an official transcript from your high school.

You can also find the school on Facebook. Many students are so pleased with the school that they can't wait to return. "I can't wait for September!" said one student. It is this can do attitude that has helped the school rise up as a well-noted photography college.

Other students are looking forward to April open houses and for the spring semester to begin.

Campus housing is a consideration for students who wish to live near the school. Students can rent rooms or full-size homes. You can take a virtual tour of the school by visiting their website (please see the contact box at the end of the article).

Diverse photography courses

Courses at the school are as diverse as its students. You can choose from courses in a wide variety of areas—from marketing to digital imaging. You can take basic courses, such as "Principles of Professional Photography" and public relations.

Courses in marketing and business will help you navigate both the artistic and business aspects of the photography field.

Public relations courses will teach you how to make plans of action to promote both yourself and your work. Public relations courses also give students the opportunity to prepare and host their own open houses.

Of course, promotion is not your only option. Courses in web design help you learn html and how to incorporate your photos into a website.

Learning at Hallmark school of photography does not have to be limited to academics alone. The school's "Out of Studios displays" ourse teaches students how to display their studio in a way that is both appealing and professional.

Student galleries are also a great way to showcase your work. In 2009, students put together both color and black and white photos that featured both people and abstract objects, such as flowers. Many gallery photos feature photos of city streets and brightly-colored vases.

When it comes to photography schools, you have many options, but there is only one clear choice for Hallmark students-one which incorporates both on-site and in the classroom experience, meanwhile providing students with a beautiful campus landscape. This is a source of inspiration for many students.

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