Focus 10 Photography

You can be sure that the Focus 10 team is experienced and professional. But once you make contact with them, the staff members will also convince you that they are committed to producing outstanding photographs and having fun while doing it :-)

Some of the keys to success for both the staff and students are:

  • special moments capture

  • individual emphasis within the team structure

  • setting high-level goals

  • and putting clients needs first

Here's a brief look at some of the excellent course material offered

If you are interested in becoming more proficient with Adobe Light room 3 you will find that the staff at Focus 10 is quite adept at teaching file management and image manipulation with this recognized program.

If you are a beginner, you may want to sign up for the Digital 1 Photo Course in Sydney that takes class members to historic sites, fascinating tourist sites and out-of-the-way locations that aren't always on the travel itinerary.

If your interest lies indoors, why not sign on for the Studio Portrait course that will teach you most of what you need to know about:

  • General portrait photography

  • Glamour photography

  • Lighting

  • Backdrops

  • Still-life photography

  • And much more...

A partial list of courses available at Focus 10 Photography:

  • Bond - Australia beach photography

  • Digital Course 1 - Perth

  • Nile Exploration

  • Dalmatian Coast

  • Desert, Delta & Wildlife Safari

  • Cacadu's Wetlands & Beyond

  • Umbria Unveiled: A Photo Discovery

The People

When you start searching for "About Us" information for Focus 10 you quickly discover that it's all about the people - professional, experienced individuals who want to let others know about their passion for great photography.

For example, there's Director Andrew Thomason who has been in Australia for many, many years, after residing in Canada and several other locations around the globe.

His experience includes a degree in Earth Science and the founding of Focus 10 in 1991. In the 20 years since he established this photography center and educational system, Thomason has maintained his passion for photography. He emphasizes the enjoyment he and the students get from each and every course or assignment.

Photographer and Operations Manager Amanda Rickets meet the challenge of running

"a multi-layered business like Focus 10."

As she states in her bio: Focus 10 is

"about meeting like-minded people, doing interesting, fun, outdoor and physically active activities and capturing it as a frozen moment."

Members of the professional staff include: Clive Gird ham, who is not only a professional photographer but also holds a degree in engineering; Sarah Jenkins, a professional photographer with a degree in graphic design; Angus Thomas and Carol Bradicich.


Though you may well find Focus 10 staff in a number of places around the world, leading a group of enthusiastic students on an experience of a lifetime, you can also find professional facilities in Sydney. The company prides itself on offering the

"best value, best ambience photographic studio to rent in Sydney."

This interesting structure was built from materials taken from a 120-year-old warehouse. High ceilings, great atmosphere combine with modern amenities to make this a wonderful place for studio work. The space is may be rented for half day or full day. It's suitable for up to 12 students, according to the Focus 10 Web site.

As if this wasn't enough to attract the serious photographer, the Focus 10 facility is located in a quiet, secluded area, close to

"some of Australia's finest coastal waterways and pristine National Parks."

The facility is available for $250 for half day (4.5 hours) or $390 for full day (14 hours). Discounts are available for regular users and current Focus 10 students. Non-studio use of the facility is available for photography clubs, design clubs, painting clubs etc.

It may be an understatement to say that Focus 10 Photography is the right choice for those who want a true photography-education experience. As the company's Web site states, if you are all about photography this is the right place!

At Focus 10 Photography, they

"take our work seriously and professionally to ensure you get the best results, but always strive to ensure that there's a good healthy dose of humor and fun in what we do."

Contact Details Focus 10

PO Box 376
Paddington NSW 2021

Tel: 0407 278 809
Int: +61 407 278 809
Fax: 02 8354 1070