Florida Photography Schools

If you live in Florida and are into photography, you may be wondering what Florida photography schools are available to you. Located in just about every corner of the state is there is a general or specialized college that offers photography curriculums.

The state currently has 163 private and public higher educational institutions that offer courses in photography.

Oldtimer on the famous Ocean Drive in Miami Beautiful oldtimer - great to shoot

The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

The list of colleges is quite extensive. According to experts, Florida has many technical schools that are devoted to photography. One such school is the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

The school is situated in a fashionable district—one which is surrounded by blue skies and palm trees. You can also find beaches and spot trolleys going around town. Of course, the benefits of attending the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale are not limited to location alone.

Beach in Fort Lauderdale Great possibilities outside your photography school

Prospective students here have the opportunity to take courses on various aspects of photography. It offers courses in such areas as wedding photography and photojournalism.

To get into this school, you will be required to follow a series of steps. First and foremost, you will need to submit proof through paperwork that you have in fact graduated from high school.

Once you've done this, you will be required to submit an essay of at least 150 words, explaining your career goals and how you expect the school to help you attain these goals. You must also be aware that you will then be charged a fee which is explained in college paperwork.

Contact Details

The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale
1799 S.E. 17th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-3013
Phone: Schedule an interview with the school by calling 1-800-275-7603
Website: artinstitutes.edu/fort-lauderdale

The Art Institute of Tampa

Another option you have is the Art Institute of Tampa. The school specializes in the culinary arts, fashion and media arts.

Photography, of course, is part of the media arts and is therefore one of the most popular schools in Florida. Student life at the school is quite diverse, the school's website says. The Art Institute of Tampa prides itself on its ability to help foster friendships and engage in leisure activities that ultimately help students succeed in their college career. The school offers photography courses, many of which focus on digital photography.

Beautiful skyline of downtown Tampa, Florida Beautiful reflections in downtown Tampa, Florida

Of course, finding the right course for you will depend ultimately on which aspect of photography you wish to pursue. Visual arts work hand in hand with the photography major at the school.

If you find yourself putting together a course schedule, you may want to include lighting, composition and design courses. By including these into your schedule, you will get an idea of what equipment you will need as a photographer.

And you can apply other areas, such as photojournalism, to your potential career as a photographer.

This helps you expand your skills, so they give you opportunities in other media venues, such as advertising and graphic design. Both are very marketable in today's visually-oriented society. Florida photography schools by no means are a dime a dozen. In fact, finding the right one can cost you some real change.

Contact Details

The Art Institute of Tampa
A branch of Miami International University of Art & Design
Parkside at Tampa Bay Park
4401 North Himes Avenue, Suite 150, Tampa, FL 33614-7086
Phone: 1.866.703.3277
Website: artinstitutes.edu/tampa/

Crealde School of Art

The Crealde School of Art is located in Winter Park, Florida. Touted as one of the state's oldest art institutions, many students have walked through the school's doors, taking real knowledge and educational satisfaction with them.

Many graduates have gone on to pursue great careers in the photography industry. Currently, the school is offering digital photography workshops at $35.00 each.

Workshops to take place in 2010 will include guest speakers from companies, such as Canon and Nikon. Educational tours are also offered at the college. According to school experts, the school offers a wide variety of events.

Currently, the school touts of the Alice & William Jenkins Gallery, which is set to take place soon.

One student gave the school a five star rating when he attended back in 2007. Of course, many others are impressed with the school's photography program. But what do they have to say?

Former students report that teachers are knowledgeable. Many of them are professional photographers themselves. Students who received feedback from professors say it has helped them improve their skills and succeed in their careers.

Contact Details

Crealde School of Art, Winter Park, FL
600 Saint Andrews Boulevard
Winter Park, Florida 32792
Phone: 407-671-1886
Fax: 407-671-0311
Office hrs. M-Th. 9-4, F-Sat. 9-1
Website: crealde.org

Final words about Florida photography schools

If you find yourself looking for Florida photography schools, there are many to choose from. The key lies in knowing exactly what you want in photography. It lies in examining your options to see the big picture.