Fashion Photography Tips

For professional photographers and photography students alike, finding fashion photography tips is a huge asset, especially at a time when fashion drives many industries! All you need is style and a camera to turn a snapshot into a piece of true art.

Of course, a fashion sense is not the only thing you need...

  1. According to many professional photographers, starting a career in fashion photography will require you to buy special camera equipment (preferably a digital SLR camera with good lenses). You must also read the instructions that come with this equipment to make sure you are using it correctly.

  2. Another tip that will help you, experts say, is to browse current magazines and newspapers to see current trends in fashion photography.

  3. Lighting and placement are also important. This will help you see which poses are en vogue and what imagery is selling products.

  4. Stay current: Trends in the fashion industry are constantly changing. That's why you will need to read new and emerging information and get fashion photography tips from the experts. As they say, practice makes perfect. You can strive for perfection by honing your skills before you take them from a practice studio to center stage. Taking fashion pictures of your closest friends and family will give you experience that you can apply to your career, experts say.

  5. Keep it trendy: Study looks that capture attention, whether the subject of your photo is a model or a typical couple wearing the latest look. Experts advise that you take a full body photo, to capture the outfit or attire a model is wearing. Fashion photography is essentially portrait photography, because it involves photographing people.

Fashion model Fashion model


If you're just starting out, you may be wondering how to get your photography career off the ground. You must first learn to pay close attention to detail, photography experts say. This may be surprising, but one of the most critical qualities you need is respect.

Fashion photographers work with models on a regular basis. Because of this, a sense of respect is absolutely essential to the job! Indeed, this is one of THE fashion photography tips.


Fashion photo shoots work around tight schedules. Models have many obligations and work on a limited time schedule. To minimize stress, be sure to show up on time, if not ahead of schedule, experts say. This will give you enough time to set up your equipment and find out how you client wants the photos to be taken.

Female fashion model Stunning shot of a fashion model

More fashion photography tips...

Of course, time is not the only consideration. You will also need to keep models focused. Maintain eye contact. It helps people connect with the model in the photo.

For most people, the first rule of thumb is to look directly into the camera. But this relates only to real life photos-photos taken by everyday individuals.

Encourage your model to look away from the camera! It also helps create a more glamorous look-one which captures attention in a glamorous way. This adds a certain mystique to the photo that no doubt will intrigue those who view it.

If your photo contains two people, make sure they are facing one another. This shows a connection between the two people and makes the images seem more authentic, more real.

Putting photos into action is another great way to give them character. According to photography experts, photographing a person on the move creates a totally different look-one that conjures up a more lively feeling.

Your own style

Before you embark on a career in fashion photography, develop your own style. Browse magazines to see which poses you'd prefer to take. This will help you determine whether a fashion photography career is for you.

Also be sure to build a portfolio to share with potential clients. Not only does this show that you're experienced, but it also shows that you are eager to work with potential clients.

According to experts, you need to get your name out. To do this, it may help to do some free photo shoots for people, and give out your business card. If you do a good job, chances are that people will refer you to others.

Whether you're a student or a professional photographer, knowing how to take great fashion photos will benefit you greatly. These simple tips will help you fly high. Before you know it, your career will take off from the ground.

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