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There is no reason to reject classic film photography but it would be wise to consider digital photography school in Paris or another great city if you want to be in the middle of the modern world of photos and images. In the 21st century the computer is as much a part of the photography process as the camera. Memory cards, disks and other storage media have taken the photographer to a new level in his craft.

One option for learning about digital photography is one-on-one lessons, designed to fit the needs of the individual.


One-on-one lessens are still one of the most efficient ways to learn photography!

It's interesting to note that many of the courses and programs offered in Paris focus first on a view of this great city as experienced by the visitor. After all, great photography is, in part, a representation of what the eye sees and what the heart feels.

So you'll want to choose a digital photography school in Paris that offers plenty of time to experience the traditional monuments and sites, such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame (just to name a few). But there is so much more to this fascinating metropolis that you'll want to select a program that will take you off the main road, so to speak.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

To capture the culture and true nature of Paris with digital photography, you should get off the well-traveled path. Venture away from the classic tourist sites and see the small markets, the catacombs, the wonderful small cafes and so on.

Then and only then will you be able to put your artist's eye to work gathering images that show the life of Paris as it really is - different natural light at different times of the day; "everyday" people who are often the most fascinating among the population; and special out-of-the-way events.


The Image-editing process is a fundamental skill that every photographers should have!

Of course, in this type of personal program you should also improve your technical skills with the camera and with the production process. Make sure your course includes Photoshop and other image-editing time. A number of individual and small-class programs are available in Paris. Take some time to choose one that is correct for you.

Traditional, Larger Programs

If you get a good feel for life at street level in Paris you will be able to make a better decision about your digital photography course, even if it is a larger class at a traditional university or institute. Many larger programs, such as Speos, are professional training courses for those who must advance their technical skills.

With their emphasis on technical training, Internet/digital production skills and electronic publications, these programs are perfect for the professional photographer. These courses are designed for those who not only want to enhance their skills but also want widely recognized certification.

For example, there are 10-month programs for a master's level certificate in photography and slightly shorter programs for the professional photographer (32 weeks and 24 weeks). You may also select from specific "modules" that focus on a smaller sector of digital photography or even sign up for a summer session.

What better way to spend the summer months than at a digital photography school in Paris?

You may find some excellent courses and programs of a size somewhere between the individual course and the traditional course as well. But chances are all of the options will capture the essence of this wonderful city. When you are selecting a program taught by a master of digital photography you'll want to be sure it includes those long-remembered romantic spots and street scenes unlike those in any city of the world.

It's difficult to discuss tuition costs and pricing because of the wide variety of courses. Individual, short-term programs may cost as little as $300, for example. A year-long course at a traditional institute or college may tax your budget quite a bit more. But all should provide the technical training you would expect with a digital photography school in Paris, while offering you the travel experience of a lifetime.

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