College for Photography

One of the problems with addressing a subject as broad as college for photography is deciding which programs and schools to focus on. Even a quick search for information about this course of study turns up hundreds upon hundreds of excellent options.

For instance, many students find the International Academy of Design and Technology has just what they need to get a bachelor degree in digital media studies - online!

If that isn't the answer for some students, they might choose The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, another online program for those who want to work as a professional photography.

Making the transition from online studies to "live" classroom/darkroom study is possible with programs from the University of Massachusetts. This venerable institution offers both online photography programs and excellent courses on its campus.


Nearly every university has a photography program!

Of course, there are dozens of fine courses in the United States if you are seeking college for photography. Nearly every university has a photography program, with many offering both bachelor-level degrees and graduate programs in technical fields and in fine art photography.

But you can certainly find excellent college-level programs in many other countries around the globe. Whether you choose Japan, Germany, South Africa or another nation as your base for study, you will find that experienced instructors and professional photographers are ready to help you learn and grow.

Europe offers some of the best photography courses and traditional degree programs in the world. Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other countries have the added benefit of beautiful scenery, amazing architecture and fascinating culture. Not only can you enjoy these features as a traveller you can use them as subjects for your photography studies.

Classroom and On the Street

College for photography in the United States, Europe and other locations provides plenty of opportunity to work in the field or on the street, gathering images for personal satisfaction and for the professional portfolio. If you can tear yourself away from the darkroom, studio or camera for a short time you still have some of the most beautiful locations in the world waiting outside your door.

For example, the Ecole Nationale Louis Lumiere in Cedex, France is recognized as one of the top photography schools on the continent! So is ETPA Ecole Technique de Photo in Toulouse. Another excellent choice under the college for photography banner is the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts.

This college-level program offers "college accredited workshops in fine art photography." You don't have to be a full-time student to get started at this level.

Suppose you want to learn at the college level or take university-level courses to enhance your experience in photography. You might want to learn more about the opportunities in the great city of Dublin, Ireland or in Berlin, Germany. Some of the best schools in the world welcome students who are interested in learning from experienced instructors who are also professional photographers.

You can benefit from the college atmosphere in these programs because they offer traditional classroom instruction combined with practical experience in the studio, in the darkroom and in the field. Schools such as the Neue Schule fur Fotografie and the Best-Sabel-Bildungszentrum are noted for their photography programs.

Look outside the well-known cities...there are some diamonds!

Some of the best college for photography programs are situated outside the well-known cities. For example, the technical training offered in Aachen and Würzburg, Germany is outstanding.


Limits on class size - a huge plus!

There are great reasons to look into the programs in Spain and Italy as well. Some of the college for photography programs have strict limits on class size. This is good for those who are accepted but it does present difficulties for students who wait a little too long to apply.

For example, the European Academy of the Fine Arts in Barcelona limits its new student number to 12! While we don't intend to recommend one program over another, these examples should give you enough information to begin your search. Perhaps one of the schools we mentioned will be just right for you. If not, there are plenty of other options, such as in Italy and the Czech Republic.

When it comes time to choose college for photography programs, don't limit yourself to those that are near you. Some great schools in the United States and elsewhere offer tuition assistance and scholarship help for top students.

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