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Briarcliffe has two locations on Long Island and one in Queens (New York), so students who want to attend traditional classes in a campus setting can do so.

But the school also offers an attractive online program for those who aren't able to attend "live" classes in the New York area or who want to study at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.

The college focuses on helping students who are just beginning a professional career and those who are more experienced but need additional training or education. One of the keys to success (for students and for the school) is the

"effort made to work with businesses in our community to ensure we are providing students with marketable skills in today's most exciting fields."

Faculty members are individuals who bring real-world knowledge and experience to classes, offering valuable insight into how the job world really works. This input combined with input from companies and businesses ensures that the course material is as relevant as possible.

Briarcliffe emphasizes preparatory programs in:

  • Accounting

  • Business administration

  • Criminal justice

  • Networking and computer technology

  • Paralegal studies

  • Graphic design

Courses are offered in the evening, on weekends and online to accommodate students from all walks of life.

For example, students may choose an Associate of Applied Science degree program in the Graphic Design department. The course emphasizes both theory and practice, using

"industry-standard computer technology in supporting the graphic designer's creativity and ability."

Key elements of the program are:

  • Historical roots of visual communication

  • Designing for print

  • Web design

  • Animation

  • Multi-media

  • Interactive media

The associate degree also requires students to work with design concepts, painting and drawing programs, page layout, digital imaging, figure drawing and history of graphic design.

The college has established a digital photography program as well, part of the Visual Communications department. The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Digital Photography focuses on the

"commercial application of advanced digital techniques in photographic reproduction and imaging."

The photography program at Briarcliffe College is closely associated with the graphic design curriculum because course designers and professional instructors feel that advancements in technology

"drive the merging fields of graphic design and photography."

With this in mind, students are carefully guided toward an understanding of commercial photography as it connects to digital imaging.

As course materials explain, career paths may include

  • commercial photography

  • studio management

  • photographic editor

  • portrait photography

  • or new-media artist

This doesn't mean the student can't express some creativity in the digital photography/visual communications area.

In fact, Briarcliffe faculty members help students grow as artists when they combine commercial applications and advanced digital skills to their work. While the associate degree program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions, it also emphasizes passion that students bring to the classroom or online program.

Bachelor Degree @ Briarcliffe College

Of course, many students take their preparation a step further with the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. This program expands on the more basic skills and knowledge of the associate program, allowing students to gain advanced skills while broadening their vision.

The program "incorporates creative and theoretical bases" while adding to computer-studio experience. Internships within the industry are another key element of the bachelor-level curriculum. A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design can prepare a student for work in the fields of:

  • advertising

  • editorial design

  • corporate design

  • commercial illustration

  • multi-media

  • fine art

  • typography

  • magazine design

  • and book design

Briarcliffe College has a limited number of programs available for online students. It's possible to work toward degrees in business administration and healthcare through online courses. Online learning has become the best option for many non-traditional students, so it would be wise to discuss program possibilities with a Briarcliffe representative. New courses will probably be added from time to time.


It's important to have a real connection to the college when you're studying at home, so Briarcliffe makes a real effort to support online courses. The school provides "hands-on assistance" that will enhance the online experience.

As Briarcliffe College and other schools make use of improved technology they fine-tune their online programs to fit the needs of more and more students. Programs change and grow with the needs of the students.

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