Why You Should Attend the Birmingham School of Photography

Are you interested in learning how to become a photographer? Do you live in Alabama? If you answered "yes" to these questions, and you are looking for a great photography school, then look no further than the Birmingham School of Photography.

Here you will find all kinds of great classes, including daytime, evening and weekend, so there is sure to be something that will fit into your busy schedule.

Many people are going back to school these days, because they just are not happy with the careers they have chosen, or, they did not go when they were younger, or any number of other reasons. A lot of these people are taking traditional educational programs, leaving the more creative fields open.

This is your opportunity to get into a fun and exciting career. Yes, there are a lot of other photographers out there, but how many are going to have the skills you will learn while studying at the Birmingham School of Photography?

These days, many photography schools only offer classes and workshops in digital photography. Yes, film photography is not nearly as popular as it once was, but it still has its place in the industry, and is an art form in itself.

At the Birmingham Photography School, you can take classes in both digital and 35 mm photography, so you have a well rounded education in photography.

Learn What You Want, When You Want To

There are a number of programs offered at the Birmingham School of Photography where you will receive a certificate upon completion. There are certain courses that are required for a certificate to be awarded.

If you are planning on studying the full Digital Photography Program, in order to receive your certificate, you will need to complete the following:

  • Introduction to Digital Photography

  • Intermediate Digital Photography

  • Advanced Digital Photography

  • Weekend Workshops: Flash and Strobe Techniques for Digital Cameras; How to Mount, Mat and Frame and Save $$$$

  • Many One Day Workshops

  • Photoshop for the Absolute Beginner (both classes and workshops)

  • Intermediate Photoshop Class

  • Introduction to Light Management

Once you have completed these courses, you will have one thing left to do before receiving your certificate. You will be required to prepare a portfolio of 20 photographic images. These images will be judged by the school, as well as photographers from outside the school.

Once your portfolio is judged, and it is deemed worthy, you will be notified that you have indeed received your certificate of completion for the Digital Photography Program.

Gift Certificates Available

Maybe it is not you that is thinking about studying photography, but someone that you know, such as a friend, family member or co-worker. One great way to let the people in your life know that you support their creative endeavors is to get them a gift certificate from the Birmingham Photography School.

You can get these gift certificates in all denominations, and they can be used for regular photography classes and even private tutoring from the school.

If you are seriously considering learning more about photography, and live in Alabama, then the Birmingham School of Photography is one you really need to check out.

Registering for classes is easy, and you can do it over the telephone or online.

Contact Details

Birmingham Photography School
Phone: 1-205-877-3282 or 1-205-862-8562
E-Mail: info[at]bsph.com
Website: www.bsph.com