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About 6 billion pictures are uploaded to Facebook each month. You will probably agree that only a tiny proportion of these are true photographs, and far less could be considered art.

But a great photographer can create either with any camera; yes, even the one in your 'phone. Barcelona Photography Courses runs practical, interactive short courses and master-classes teaching you how to take control of your camera, and become a better photographer!

The principles of photography are broken down and explained, then practiced and honed. A photograph can preserve something seen or express an idea or emotion. The actual techniques for creating a good-looking photo are shared across the genres.

For example, the techniques needed for great portrait photography are different from capturing a picturesque landscape; but the fundamentals are the same.

Most people go through the world with their eyes closed to the beauty of the world around them. As photographers, we start to notice the light a lot more.

Whether you've found yourself wishing you had your camera when the light at sunset is particularly striking, or you've started looking at shadows and highlights in new ways, you're learning to see the world in a more engaged way.

Barcelona has beautiful light, especially in the Ciutat Vella, or Old Town because the buildings are generally warm colours and close together. Barcelona Photography Courses uses these historic streets as the inspiration and backdrop for noticing the light, its colour and character, and how it can be used for better photos.

Also, practicing photography begins to instil an innate awareness of aesthetics; whether by trial and improvement or a new appreciation for art and art theory.

Interestingly, the basics of what we find visually attractive can be simplified into certain rules. Most of them, such as the Golden Mean and its little brother, the Rule of Thirds, have been around for millennia and appear in Ancient Greek art.

By teaching these principles to our clients and explaining how to use them in real life, massive improvement in their photographs can quickly be made.

A special note about the instructors:

Barcelona Photography Courses was founded by Ben Evans, a multiple award-winning photographer and writer ( and Harry Marshall, also a photographer and a 1st class Business graduate with years of teaching experience.

Both are passionate about their subject and love to see the improvements in clients' pictures, both immediately on the course and then later as new techniques are practiced and perfected.

You can find out more now at

Here are some samples of their work (excellent in my opinion!)

Photo credit:

Please note that all photos are published on BPC WITH PERMISSION of Ben and Harry from Barcelona Photography Courses!

I would like to thank Ben and Harry for sending me those fantastic photos for this review!

Yellow house wall

Taxis in Barcelona

People walk accross the street

Local market in Barcelona with fruits

Street at night

Beautiful woman leaning against a house wall in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona, Spain

Tree and flag in Barcelona

Stylish handgrip

Man walking across the street

Excellent photos - love it! Need to book a trip to Barcelona :-)

Improve your photography skills with one-on-one lessons

Individual coaching is also offered as a way of working one-on-one with a client for truly bespoke results.

Photographers in Barcelona know that the city has so much to offer for photography, and the wider Catalunya even more. In Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain, the local cultures are really strong, often colourful and almost always photogenic.

Besides the tourists looking for things to do in Spain, who will be taking photos of the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, Las Ramblas, the Aquarium, and Montjuc, there are many hidden Catalan places that are great for photography.

We like to seek these out and share them with our clients, who come away with real photographs that aren't to be found on every postcard in the Ramblas. We love photographing in the Born area, the cathedrals and in Gaudi's Park Guell.

If you're in Barcelona, it's highly recommended that you take a course. They're generally four hours long and multi-day courses can be booked. You can find more information now on the Barcelona Photography Courses homepage.

You'll also find details of the popular free monthly Photo-walk started as a social event for anybody and everybody in Barcelona who loves photography. You'll also find out how to book individual coaching and free tutorials among other features.

Photography, captured correctly, is an artform; photography courses in such an artistic, iconic city such as Barcelona are a great way to take control of your camera today.

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