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One of the key elements in the success of Ashworth College is flexibility. The school offers more than 100 education programs so students can "learn when, where and how" they want.

Students set the pace, determine the schedule and participate in decisions that affect assignment deadlines.

There is one element that separates the College of Ashworth from other institutions that offer quality online education. This school doesn't have a campus, classrooms or residence halls. As the Web site is proud to declare,

"We save on expenses and can pass along the savings to you."

Among the other attractive features for online students:

  • Textbooks and other materials included in tuition price

  • Low, initial enrollment fee

  • Interest-free monthly tuition plan

But these convenient, cost-saving factors don't necessarily lower the quality of education from Ashworth College. The school prides itself on the comprehensive nature of instruction and the level of "personalized support" available.

If participation in an actual graduation ceremony is important to a student, he or she has the opportunity to join others in the annual event held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Based in Atlanta

While Ashworth College focuses solely on distance education it does have a physical headquarters in Atlanta. The now-combined institution offers

General areas of study include:

  • Business

  • Creative

  • Criminal Justice

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • High School

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Technology

  • Trades

Under the Creative Banner, prospective students will find these areas:

  • Bridal Consulting

  • Floral Design; Gourmet Cooking & Catering

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Decorating

  • Jewelry Design & Repair

  • Professional Blogging

  • Web Site Design

  • and Writing Children's Books

Photography at Ashworth College

Ashworth now offers an Introduction to Photography course comprised of 13 lessons. Students begin each online section with a reading assignment then proceed toward an open-book examination at the end of each lesson.

The program is introductory, as the title states, but there is emphasis on both creativity and science.

Key elements of this photography course are:

  • How to operate a camera

  • Photo composition

  • How to develop film

  • Printmaking

  • Lighting

  • Filters

  • Accessories

  • Color photography fundamentals

  • Digital images

  • Digital color

  • Digital darkroom

  • Ethics and law

Course materials include an illustrated lesson book, copy of photographer's market guidelines, photo supply kit, time-management guide, career guide and details on how to take open-book exams.

The photography study does encourage areas of specialization

These include:

  • portraiture

  • advertising and public relations

  • industrial/corporate photography

  • fashion

  • photojournalism

  • weddings and special events

  • art photography

  • nature photography

  • architecture photography

  • and real estate photography


Courses in the Creative department, including photography, are designed to prepare students for work as self-employed photographers, portrait photographers, producers of Web site images, photojournalists and magazine photographers.

Start to Finish

Prospective students who want to know more about Ashworth College and its programs are well-served by the extensive Web information. Once a student decides on a program of study it's direct path to the online application. But enrollment advisors are also available for those who wish to have additional guidance.

After the student completes the enrollment process, materials are mailed (within 24 hours). As mentioned earlier, books and materials are included in tuition cost. With a computer and Internet access the student is ready to begin studying. Correspondence courses are available for those without access to the Internet.

Students who apply to begin an online degree (Associate, Bachelor, Masters) have immediate access to the orientation information. Applicants receive a student identification number and are welcomed by professors from their chosen area.

Live orientation sessions are also offered at 11 a.m. Eastern time on Thursday. Student advisors are available to answer questions during those sessions.

Completed assignments are returned by Web upload and are graded by professors within one week. Professors generally provide feedback and comments along with graded materials. Tutors are available Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (until 8 p.m. on Friday) and from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. Professors may be contacted by email.

Certificates, diplomas and degrees may be mailed. Students also have the option to attend the graduation ceremony in Atlanta.

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