Advanced Photography Courses

Specialty areas available in advanced photography courses include extended darkroom training, film-development techniques, sports photography, professional photo-editing, landscape and real estate photography, just to mention a few.

In addition to these basic areas there are online and "live" educational opportunities that can teach you:

  • the best aerial-photography techniques

  • electronic imaging and computer editing

  • film chemistry

  • even the recovery of useful chemicals and metals from used film

Keep in mind that we don't necessarily endorse or recommend a particular school or program. We offer these only as good examples of the education available.

You might want to learn more about Icon Photography School,

"an online photography school that specializes in teaching new and experienced photographers how to take professional photographs."

Icon Photography School Website Website screenshot from the Icon Photography School teaches in much the same way, offering several focused programs in advanced photography. Dofmaster has a huge list of specific areas of study, all based on public-domain sources.

Maybe we should take this discussion in a slightly different direction. Individuals in the United States or those willing to take a few extra steps to find advanced courses in photography might want to look into advanced photography programs in the New England section of the U.S.

For example, C1M Photography (will open in new browser window) in Milford, New Hampshire, keeps alive the enjoyment of advanced photography.

While staff members welcome photographers of all experience levels, this school has an Advanced Photography course that includes six "photo safaris" and an art-gallery show. The school also has an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom course that lasts three weeks and a Beyond the Basics course that extends over a period of eight weeks.

Cost for this photography course (6 consecutive Sunday mornings): $299 + a $35 studio fee to cover incidentals for the Art Gallery Show.

What else?

Then there's the Advanced Photography class that continues the Beyond the Basics program. Instructors take students into the field, visiting a different location each time. Three sessions at the studios will allow students and instructors to select final images for the gallery show.

Photography Courses Around the World

Advanced photography courses in London and European locations give experienced photographers and upper-level students a chance to live and work in an exciting international city.

One group of programs that will enhance your established skills include a portrait specialty, landscape photography and special training in medium-format and large-format photography.

Closeup of a model looking confidently Closeup of a model looking confidently

Courses at Zoom In include such distinct techniques as liquid emulsion, studio lighting and night photography. Zoom In is "a popular, not-for-profit school for photography, enabling both individuals and community groups from the Greater London area to explore and engage with all aspects and all levels of photography."

Kathy Adams Clark leads groups to various locations around the world, teaching advanced courses in photography based on her experience. She has published photos in numerous major periodicals and brings together a group of veteran photographers. Examples of her photography courses are:

  • Photography at Night
  • Landscape Photography
  • Garden Photography
  • and Advanced Nature Photography

More challanging photography courses...

Another great alternative for advanced courses in photography is Open College of the Arts (will open in a new browser window),

"an educational charity established in 1987 to widen participation in arts education."

Open College of Arts official website Open College of Arts official website

Degrees are conferred through a partner university. Those who have moved beyond basic and intermediate skill levels might be interested in the Bachelor of Arts Honors Photography program.

The guidelines for this program are indicative of many advanced photography courses, whether they are followed at a traditional university or with an online program. Students are encouraged to develop a personal vision with their work, with a focus on theory and professional concepts.

Attitude and frame of mind...

One of the keys to successfully completing advanced photography courses is attitude and frame of mind. Many individuals who reach this level of study are interested in making some extra money or making the transition to a career in photography.

It's important to find a program whose instructors not only pass on the necessary technical information but also provide an atmosphere that gives the student encouragement.

If self-study is your best method of learning there are a number of home-study courses and books that will help you reach your goals. Some advanced photography courses combine great textbook/workbook material with online instruction.

In fact, if you are an intermediate amateur you might want to look into Advanced Tips for Beginner/Amateur Photographers by Nick Stubbs (will open in a new browser window).

This book and a few other excellent instructional books provide just about all you need to truly advance as a photographer. Just take a little time to do your research and you'll grow as a photographer.